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Marvin's New Ultimate Push Out French Casement: Classic Elegance, Modern Performance


The latest addition to Marvin’s Ultimate Casement line of windows is tres jolie indeed. The Ultimate Push Out French Casement is a new window with classic styling and modern features, like a revolutionary wash mode that allows exterior glass to be washed from the inside, that make it appropriate for a variety of uses.

The Ultimate Push Out French Casement has traditional push out hardware.  Unlike a crank out casement, push out casements open with a simple quarter turn of a handle.  This traditional styling is appreciated by those looking for historical accuracy, as well as those looking for an alternative way to operate a casement.

The central feature that defines a French casement is that the two sashes adjoin at the stiles within a single frame, like a French door.  The Ultimate Push Out French Casement provides beautiful unobstructed views when opened, even in its smaller sizes. For those who desire a large window, the Ultimate Push Out French Casement can be made in a 72” x 72” maximum size.

Like the rest of the Ultimate Casement line, the Ultimate Push Out French Casement is built strong. The window is designed for strength and stability and has gone through rigorous testing, delivering DP 50 performance ratings up to 56” x 60”, or DP40 up to 60” x 72”.

In addition to the range of sizes, this window also has numerous design options.  An optional simulated check rail and taller bottom rail allow the window to look like a two-wide double hung, but perform like a casement—a valuable option for homeowners who want to match their home’s current architectural style, but who prefer a casement’s operation and performance or need to meet egress requirements.

The Ultimate Push Out French Casement and Awning also comes in all wood or wood-clad.  Marvin’s popular wood-clad windows have a strong, durable extruded aluminum exterior and a wood interior.  A 70 percent Kynar® 500 finish on the cladding helps colors remain rich and bright, while a choice of 19 clad colors and nine casings means that the desired look can be achieved.  The wood window option, with wood on the interior and exterior, offers a look of historical accuracy and choice, since the wood can be painted different colors.

In order to have a screen that works with the wash mode, the Ultimate Push Out French Casement employs a swinging screen.  This elegant screen is easy to operate: simply pull on the knob and the screen swings inward.  The swinging screen comes with a standard wood surround to seamlessly blend in with the interior of the window.

The Ultimate Push Out French Casement is available for both full frame and replacement applications.

Brett Boyum, Marvin Director of Marketing, says, “Marvin is known for giving our customers options, and the Ultimate Push Out French Casement is another choice in our amazing Ultimate line.  This beautiful window allows for wide-open views, lots of design options and a classic look with strength.”