Modern Bedroom With Marvin Signature Modern Multi-Slide Door

Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-slide doors have more than one moving panel that either stack or conceal in a wall pocket when opened. They serve to add broad views and openings.

What are Multi-Slide Doors?

Multi-slide doors are sliding doors with more than one moving panel aligned in a row. When open, the panels either stack side-by-side near the edge of the frame or disappear into a wall pocket. Some multi-slide doors are available equipped with push-button motorized operation.

Thanks to their many panels, multi-slide doors present huge openings, some reaching heights up to 12 feet tall and widths over 50 feet. When closed, the stile of one panel sits behind or in front of the stile on the panel next to it, creating one narrow sightline instead of two. Even when closed, these floor-to-ceiling expanses of glass create spacious panoramas that blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor world.

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