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Marvin 7 Tide

We will guide you through the Marvin collections and help you discover which Marvin window and door solutions might be right for your project.

Marvin 7 Tide

Using visualization technology, we'll demonstrate how window and door styles and configuration come together to bring your design vision to life.

Marvin 7 Tide

We'll present you with examples of windows and doors in a wide variety of configurations and architectural settings to help you imagine the possibilities.

Marvin 7 Tide

Once you've met with a Marvin Brand Ambassador, we can help connect you with a Marvin dealer in your area to help provide you with pricing or a proposal.

Meet the Brand Ambassadors

The friendly and knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors at 7 Tide will help you visualize and truly understand your Marvin window and door options in a comfortable, no-pressure environment. Our role is to equip you with all the information needed to make decisions with confidence, whether you make them during your visit with us, or further along in your buying journey. 

Rachael Backstrom


Meghan Lembo


Sue Shockley


Meet With Our Team

Our Marvin Brand Ambassadors offer a personalized experience that helps bring your project to life. Schedule an appointment in-person or virtually today. We look forward to meeting with you!

The details and decisions when constructing a new home about window and door choices is daunting. A visit to 7 Tide will take the "surprise" out of the process and help provide a generation of satisfaction to a homeowner. And, there's no cost for a personal guide to walk you through the whole process."

J. Horan — Homeowner

Marvin at 7 Tide

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