Living Room With Marvin Picture Windows

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that frame their scenic outdoor view like a painting. This type of window can be assembled with or without a sash.

What are Picture Windows?

Picture windows provide expansive views of the outdoors and are non-operable, meaning they cannot be opened. They are often strategically placed in living rooms, dining rooms, and other areas where a large window is desired for its aesthetic appeal and to increase the amount of natural daylight.

When to use picture windows?

Picture windows are best used in conjunction with other operable windows and doors to create a larger window system. They are designed to match profiles and sight lines of operable windows creating a cohesive look and a larger expanse of glass to maximize views and natural light.

What are Direct Glaze (Fixed) Windows?

Direct glaze windows, also known as fixed windows, are a popular choice for modern homes. The glass is set directly into the frame without a sash and held in place with an adhesive creating a simple, clean profile with more glass area for an expanded view. Direct glaze windows are non-operable and they are often used in areas where an unobstructed view is desired.

When to use Fixed (Direct Glaze) Windows?

Direct glaze windows are a good option for a standalone window or direct glaze only assembly. The profile is unique and thoughtful consideration needs to be taken when mixing with other product types from the collection. Direct glaze windows come in a variety of shapes, which can be utilized to make assemblies that follow a roof’s pitch or to create unique statement pieces.

Picture Specialty Shape Windows

Picture Specialty Shape windows are available in hundreds of different geometric shapes, customized for your project for a perfect fit every time.

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