For four generations, Marvin has built a reputation for doing the tough window replacement projects. We’ve been solving historic rehabilitation challenges for decades—collaborating early on with architects, facilities managers and general contractors; reviewing products and options; navigating the National Parks Service guidelines; discussing window specifications with local historic commissions; and attending field testing. We offer the best project-based solutions and work with all participants to achieve excellent performance and historical accuracy.


Marvin is a proven leader in replacement windows for existing residential and commercial buildings. At every level and step of the way, Marvin brings an unmatched level of expertise to your historic project. Various departments and services provide tailored, custom service during throughout your project.

Architectural Project Managers
Marvin’s architectural project managers (APMs) are uniquely suited to support your historic rehabilitation process. Their knowledge and understanding of historic needs helps facilitate your custom strategy to drive window and door solutions. Because of their strong relationships with historic field professionals, Marvin’s APMs provide an ideal support system.

Architectural Project Coordinators
Marvin also assigns an architectural project coordinator based out of the manufacturing facility to every historic project, regardless of complexity and provide an array of support services from consultation to prototype creation.

Signature Services
Signature Services, a department within Architectural Services, works with other Marvin departments like research and development to create a customized plan for each project. The Signature Services team receives guidance from the architectural project coordinator and takes each project from concept to creation in Marvin’s factory.

Rapid Prototyping
Marvin Windows and Doors offers in-house rapid prototyping services, working with architects to prepare materials to aid in a quicker approval process. It’s a collaborative approach that makes architects’ jobs easier and more efficient.

The Marvin Difference is our Expertise

Talk to our dedicated team of experts who support your project throughout the process.


As a leader in the industry, Marvin works with architects, historical organizations, the National Park Service, builders, contractors, and design review boards. Learn more about Marvin’s unique approach.

Marvin’s experience in the industry is unmatched. We’re a leader in replacing wood with clad for historic projects. We are consistently able to translate even the most minute details from wood to aluminum clad.

Sonya Peterson

Marvin Signature Services
Marvin Windows and Doors

We did gain valuable information and assistance through [our] local rep. Full-size samples were provided for presentations in the approval process through the Historic Design Review Board and Municipal Building Committee. Actual panning profiles and color samples of interior and exterior finishes were also demonstrated to the Historic Design Review Board and Municipal Building Committee.

Brian W. Humes

Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC

When you are working on a historic project, it is prudent to connect with a company that has made the journey before. Marvin’s experience across the nation makes us an ideal window manufacturer to partner with.

Michael Nalitz

Architectural Project Manager
Marvin Windows and Doors


Generations of historic rehabilitation projects have amounted to a project portfolio we’re proud to share.


Saint Paul, MN
Architect: Mark Nelson at David Heide Design Studio


Ripley, TN
Architect: A2H Architects
Contractor: Hansen Construction Services


Potsdam, NY
Architect: Jerry MacNeil Architects Ltd.
Contractor: J.T. Erectors


Washington, D.C
Architect: Cox Graae + Spack Architects
Contractor: Forrester Constructions


Seattle, WA
Architect: Ed Weinstein of Weinstein A+U
Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis


Cincinnati, OH
Architect: PWWG Architects
Builder: Messer Construction


Marvin commits to continuing our historic expertise and further developing our historic resources and knowledge. Here, we’ve collected an archive of comprehensive information helpful for window and door historic rehabilitation projects.

The National Park Service Technical Preservation Services Site is an essential resource for historic property owners, architects, builders and designers. It provides the standards and guidelines that impact preservation work and inform historic rehabilitation processes requirements.

WEBINAR: Historic Rehabilitation:
Window Solutions


At Marvin, we welcome the complexities and unique personalities of historic locations and understand the importance of maintaining the historic features and architectural integrity of the windows and doors. To appropriately accommodate any project, we offer standard and custom design solutions to fit your historic window or door needs:

The Marvin Difference is our Expertise

Talk to our dedicated team of experts who support your project throughout the process.

Learn more about Marvin’s expertise, services, and product options.

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