Marvin Skylight

The Marvin Skylight, available in select markets, delivers expansive views of the outside world and allows you to incorporate the benefits of natural light into your home. With its unique, design-forward sizes, narrow sightlines, and uncluttered aesthetic, the Marvin Skylight will introduce a beautiful, light-filled architectural element into any space.

Bring your Skylight vision to life.

Features of the Marvin Skylight

  • Sleek design
  • Durable and low-maintenance fiberglass composite frame
  • Narrow sightlines provide more visible daylight compared to current offerings from other manufacturers
  • Flush glazing sheds debris and prevents pooling
  • The same unit can be installed on either a curb or directly to the roof deck
  • Non-venting
  • Third party shades can be added
  • Maximum sizes up to 48” x 90”

Design Options

  • Exterior Finish

    Exterior Fiberglass Finish

    The Marvin Skylight is protected with industrial-grade finishes that withstand corrosion and resist fading even after many years of direct exposure to the intense UV rays generated by the sun.

  • Interior Finish

    Interior Fiberglass Finish

    The high-quality interior finish provides years of low-maintenance protection, and the Stone White color delivers a clean, inconspicuous aesthetic.

    Stone White
  • Mounting Options

    Each Skylight unit is shipped with the flashing and hardware necessary for installation on a curb or directly to the decking. This minimizes ordering mistakes which can cost money and cause project delays.

    Marvin Awaken Skylight Roof view
  • Glass

    Marvin Skylights are equipped with dual layers of glazing. For your protection, the exterior glass (outboard) is tempered, which increases its strength and ability to withstand impacts. The indoor layer (inboard) is laminated, which means the glass will hold together in the event that a severe impact is encountered.

    The glass is also treated in Low E3 coatings. These microscopically thin, essentially invisible coatings on the glass surface help manage the amount of heat radiation that passes through a window pane or reflected away from it, reducing a home’s dependence on heat and air conditioning.

    Marvin Awaken Skylight Glass Design Option