Interior View Of Living Room With Marvin Bay and Bow Window

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

What are Bay Windows and Bow Windows?

A bay window is most often comprised of a larger center window with two narrow windows on either side. The narrow windows are installed at an angle, which causes the bay to project out beyond the exterior wall.

A bow window also projects beyond the exterior wall, but bow windows are typically comprised of four or more similarly sized windows, which creates a curved rather than angular effect. Bow windows require more space than bays.

Both bay and bow windows can be created by building individual rough openings into the wall to accommodate standard sized windows, or they could be mulled (connected) together at the factory and then shipped and installed as one large unit.

Bay and bow windows are popular because they can open up a room, add natural light, and provide three-dimensional views. They can also serve as a cozy reading nook with bonus storage built under the seat.

Marvin Bay and Bow Windows

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