Interior View Of Living Room With Marvin Bay and Bow Window

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows have three or more windows that angle out beyond the exterior wall of the house. They are perfect for a reading nook or extra room space.

What are Bay Windows and Bow Windows?

Bay windows are most often one large center window with two narrow windows installed on either side. The narrow windows angle to project beyond the exterior wall of the house, creating a three-dimensional view.

Bow windows also project beyond the outside of the building but are usually composed of four or more near-identical windows. As a result, bow windows have a curved effect rather than an angular one, and may need more space than a bay window.

Both bay and bow windows can be installed in individual rough openings in the wall, or the factory can mull (connect) them together and then ship and install them as one large unit. Bay and bow windows are popular for their ability to open a room, maximize natural light, and provide a unique view. They also make for cozy reading nooks with discrete storage built under the seat.

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