Elevate Bi-Fold Door

The Elevate® Bi-Fold Door effortlessly glides and stacks open so you can enjoy your own scenic view and invite maximum airflow into your home. When completely closed, the door is designed with narrow profiles to fill your home with light.

  • Wood interior and Ultrex® fiberglass exterior
  • Fits openings up to 22' wide by 8' high
  • Choose from 28 configurations
  • Fiberglass sill stands up to foot traffic and weather

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Why you'll love it

Indoor Outdoor Living

The Elevate Bi-Fold Door opens a home to true indoor/outdoor living.

Made of Durable Material

Exterior is made with Ultrex fiberglass, which is 8x stronger than vinyl.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Exterior resists fading, bends, dents, and cracks.

Rich Wood Interior

Bare Pine interior can be painted in our factory or can be stained in the field to match your interiors.

Design Options

Choose from 28 configurations and up to 7 panels.

Additional Features:

  • Bi-part from the center or stack panels to one side
  • Optional quick access panel available
  • Top-hung design for effortless operation
  • Integrated multi-point locking system
  • Performance sill available in Beige or Bronze
  • Weathertight seal for thermal performance rating of LC-PG30-FLD
  • Screen available to keep insects and debris out

Introducing The Elevate Bi-Fold Door

It’s not a door as we once knew it — it’s everything a door should be. See more details on the Elevate Bi-Fold Door.

Design Options

  • Exterior Finish

    A strong alternative to vinyl, our Ultrex® pultruded fiberglass exterior finish is applied through a patented process to provide a superior, consistent finish. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) awards certifications to materials that pass numerous, rigorous tests. These tests simulate the harsh conditions that a finish will encounter throughout the life of the window or door. Passing these specification tests and achieving AAMA 624 verification gives independent verification that the Ultrex finish is best in class among fiberglass products.

    Built for durability and low-maintenance, our Ultrex finish is 3x thicker than competitive finishes, with a smooth consistency and strong finish that resists fading, chalking, peeling and cracking, even in the darkest colors. If a design change calls for a new color down the road, our material can be painted without voiding our warranty. Six colors are available in neutral and dark tones.

    Pebble Gray
    Stone White

    *Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Visit your local dealer to see actual color samples.

  • Interior Finish

    The Elevate collection features rich wood interiors in bare pine that can be stained to match your interiors, or finished in our factory with popular designer black painted interior finish, clear coat, or painted white. Factory finishing means you can expect consistent quality and aesthetics that come from our carefully-perfected finishing process.

    Bare Pine
    Clear Coat
    Designer Black
    Painted White
  • Hardware

    Door handles for our Elevate collection are available in two distinct hardware collections: the Cambridge Collection or the Northfield Collection. Finishes in Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel are available with a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish, meaning the hardware has undergone a process that adds a layer of toughness to resist fading and discoloration by direct sunlight, humidity, and most other environmental factors, even in coastal areas. Choose exterior and interior handle colors in either a color that matches, complements or contrasts with the exterior color and the interior finish of your door.

    A concealed locking system is built within the door panels for a clean look. Effortlessly rotate the interior twin bolt handle up 180 degrees to unlock and open the door; rotate down to lock and secure. Magnetic door catches come together to protect the panels when open.

    Satin Nickel Cambridge Exterior Keyed
    Satin Nickel Northfield Exterior Keyed
    Satin Nickel Northfield Interior
    Twin Bolt Handle
    Magnetic Door Catch

    *Hardware styles shown are available in all finish options below.


    Satin Nickel
    Almond Frost
    Matte Black
    Oil Rubbed Bronze

    *Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local Marvin dealer to see hardware finish samples.

  • Glass

    Decorative Glass

    A variety of decorative glass options are available to meet the unique needs of each project, and laminated glazing is also available in clear, bronze, gray, or green with tinted interlayers.
    Bronze Tint
    Gray Tint
    Green Tint
    Glue Chip

    *Not all decorative glass is compatible with all products. Check with your dealer for a recommendation on which glass is right for your project. Images may not be an accurate representation.

    Color tint images represent color tint example only. Please inquire about obscure glass treatments separately.

    Energy Efficiency

    Glass is an important aspect for managing the energy efficiency of your home. Our standard glazing is dual pane: two panes of glass with Low E coatings and argon insulating gas. We offer variations to help meet climate and code requirements across the country, described in more detail on our glass page.

    Specialty Glass Options

    Our specialty glass options include glass for unique project needs like sound management (STC/OITC), high altitudes, Sea Turtle Conservation Codes and California fire zones. We also offer laminated glass in products designed specifically for hurricane zones.

  • Screens

    When fresh air flow is a priority, multiple screen options are available to keep insects and debris at bay.

    The scenic door screen is a retractable screen that's unobtrusive and concealed when not in use. It spans up to 14.75 feet wide as a single screen that moves in one direction, or up to 26.25 feet wide with two screens that meet in the middle of your scenic door, with screen heights up to 9.8 feet. A comfortable handle pull grip makes operating the screen easy and comfortable. The screen folds tightly to the jamb when not in use for an uninterrupted view outside.

    Sliding Screen Interior View
    Close up view of Sliding Screen
  • Divided Lites

    The look of multiple, individual panes of glass is popular in a wide range of architectural styles. Simulated divided lites and grilles between the glass mimic the look of these individual panes of glass without sacrificing energy efficiency.

    Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs)

    Grilles-between-the-Glass (GBGs)

    Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes for a low-maintenance, smooth exterior and easy cleaning. Choose from 6 exterior colors and 3 interior colors.

    Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

    Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

    An energy-efficient way to create the look of authentic divided lites, SDL bars are permanently adhered to both sides of the glass.

    Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS)

    Simulated Divided Lite with Spacer Bar (SDLS)

    Paired with SDL bars on the interior and exterior of the glass, a spacer bar is installed between the glass, creating an even closer resemblance to the ADL look.


    Choose from simulated divided lites, grilles between the glass or removable grilles in a selection of pre-designed patterns for added character. These are examples of some of our most popular patterns.
    Prairie 6 Top
    Prairie 6 Bottom
    Prairie 6 Left
    Prairie 6 Right
    Simulated Rail Rectangular
    Simulated Rail Prairie 6
    Simulated Rail Prairie 9
    Simulated Checkrail
    Prairie 9
    *These are some of our most frequently-requested divided-lite patterns.
  • Exterior Trim
    Get the performance of Ultrex® fiberglass in convenient, factory-cut exterior trim made for easy installation and superior performance over time. Exterior trim is available in colors to match our exterior window finish, and several trim styles. Choose flat-style for a clean, simple look or brick mold-style for a more traditional aesthetic.
    Brick Mould
  • Sills

    Our scenic door sills are designed for function and beauty, with options to complement your lifestyle. The performance sill is made of durable, thermal efficient fiber reinforced polyurethane and is achieves exceptional performance ratings. Choose from Beige or Bronze color options.

    Exterior Performance Sill Bronze
  • Coastal Performance
    Coastal View From Bedroom With Marvin Elevate Casement Picture Windows

    Marvin offers windows and doors specifically designed for the requirements of coastal and impact zone construction. From Nor’easters on the Cape to hurricanes down South that bring extreme rain, salt, and wind, the windows and doors you choose are critical and can help preserve a home's structural seal. Our hurricane-rated product options are certified for energy efficiency and rigorously tested by third party agencies to meet or exceed required coastal codes.