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History of Marvin

For over 100 years, Marvin has been a family-owned and -led window and door manufacturer helping people live happier and healthier in their homes.

Marvin’s Beginnings

Others might not have seen much beyond the grain elevator and massive lake when George Marvin arrived in Warroad in 1904. But George saw something significant in the rural Northern Minnesota town: possibility. George established the Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company in 1912, where hard work, ingenuity and integrity were the cornerstones of George’s leadership. He was known for his care for people and his community. 

In 1939, George’s oldest son, Bill, joined the company and became Marvin Lumber and Cedar’s eighth employee. As the war was ending, Bill knew that without jobs, many of Warroad’s returning veterans would be forced to find work elsewhere. Bill saw window and door components as the logical, obvious opportunity to gainful employment and meaningful work in Warroad. George was not convinced.

One fateful day, when George was out of town, Bill saw his opportunity. Over George’s objections, Bill had invested in top-of-the-line woodworking equipment and intended to sneak it in while George was away. When a hole in the wall was required to fit the machinery in the building, Bill knew his purchase wouldn’t be a secret for long. But he had a vision.

Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit led the company to become Marvin Windows and Doors, producing made-to-order solutions while growing steadily over his years of leadership. Bill instilled business savvy in his children – Frank, Jake, George, Susan, and Bob – the third generation of Marvin company leaders, whose commitment grew the company to national acclaim and changed the industry.

Despite devastating fires, recessions, and countless other setbacks, Marvin has maintained its commitment to the community of Warroad for more than 110 years – along with expansions to North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Iowa, and Colorado.

Leading Marvin Into The Future

Today, Marvin is led by seven fourth-generation family members who actively work in and steward the business with the same principles and spirit of possibility from the start. They include five company board members: Paul Marvin, CEO and Chair of the Board; Dan Marvin, Vice President of Business Development and President of Infinity Windows and Doors; Christine Marvin, Chief Marketing + Experience Officer; Victoria Marvin, Market Intelligence Manager; and Will Marvin, Director of Retail Operations.

The fifth and future generations of Marvin family also engage with the business from a young age, learning from those who have helped to grow and lead.

Marvin’s products have won countless awards and are used around the world, offering architects, builders, and homeowners a greater connection to their surroundings. Guided by the purpose to imagine and create better ways of living, Marvin’s innovations extend to smart home technologies and ingenious solutions for living well. We’re certain Bill would be tearing down a wall to make way for what’s next. We pride ourselves on that foundation – and are confident that both George and Bill would be proud of the more than 7,000 employees across 16 cities that make Marvin the company it is today.

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