Marvin Named Premier Partner of NDSU

March 6, 2024

Company makes noteworthy investment to North Dakota State University Center for Engineering and Computational Sciences

Marvin, a long-time partner of North Dakota State University (NDSU), today announces a significant philanthropic investment in support of fundraising efforts toward the new Richard Offerdahl ’65 Engineering Complex, formerly known as the Center for Engineering and Computational Sciences at the university.

As the sixth-largest employer in Cass County, North Dakota, Marvin has nine manufacturing facilities spanning more than 1.5 million square feet across Fargo, West Fargo and Grafton, where it employs more than 2,000 team members. Among them, 146 are NDSU alumni, and of those, 73 percent are engineers. An additional 40-plus NDSU students develop professional skillsets through internship opportunities with Marvin each year.

“We’ve long valued the reciprocal relationship between Marvin and NDSU, where students, the community and our company collaboratively thrive,” said Marvin CEO Paul Marvin. “Innovation is critical to our long-term commitments and success, and graduates of NDSU arrive at Marvin with core competencies and the curiosity needed to create impact in modern manufacturing careers.”

As an NDSU Premier Partner, Marvin will have an executive representative on the College of Engineering Advisory and Advancement Board and will continue to build relationships with faculty in support of curriculum development.

“I am inspired by our partnership with Marvin. Together, we believe that we are stronger when we work hand in hand, committed to making a positive impact on our students, our campus, the workforce and the world. Our shared values of giving back resonate deeply through the transformative work of our university,” said NDSU President Dave Cook. “We are grateful for partners like Marvin who exemplify the ethos of 'Better Together' in making a positive impact in every endeavor. Their dedication to dreaming big and ‘doing the right thing’ reflects a profound commitment to driving positive change in our communities and on our campus. Together, we are redefining the boundaries between industry and education, leveraging our collective strengths to create innovative solutions that have a lasting impact.”

Marvin will continue to provide engaging, cross-collaborative learning opportunities for NDSU students, including classroom visits and field trips to area manufacturing facilities.

“Engineering classes at NDSU pushed me to learn new ways to solve problems and classes often used real-world examples to teach us how thinking differently can streamline existing processes,” said NDSU alum and Marvin Senior Director of Enterprise Platform Transformation Seth Johnson. “The mindset NDSU helped me build has allowed me to transfer my skills out of engineering and into logistics, distribution and now enterprise response planning system solutions.”

Connection to post-graduation career opportunities will be central to the company’s efforts with NDSU students and faculty.

“I believe in fostering environments where students can thrive and our students often express that success is not just about knowledge but about connections,” said NDSU Interim Dean of the College of Engineering Alan Kallmeyer. “These spaces will facilitate meaningful interactions among our diverse community of students, staff and faculty, nurturing invaluable relationships that will shape the workforce of tomorrow. By providing spaces for collaboration and connection, we are empowering our students to excel in the workforce and be the people that partners like Marvin desire to hire.”

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