How Northwest Minnesota Businesses Are Thriving

April 11, 2023

In a place like rural Northwest Minnesota that is short on workers, companies are working hard to keep folks on the payroll. And business is booming.

In a multi-part series from Minnesota Public Radio News and All Things Considered, Marvin CEO Paul Marvin speaks with MPR Senior Economics Contributor Chris Farrell about Marvin’s ongoing success despite, or perhaps because of its corporate headquarters in the rural community of Warroad, Minnesota. MPR explores what Marvin and other rural northwestern Minnesota companies know “that the rest of the world needs to learn” in order to thrive in challenging economic conditions.

Read more and listen to the series at MPR:

Part 1 – Northwest Minnesota businesses are surviving and even thriving despite labor shortages

Part 2 – Business booming in NW MN despite tight labor market

Part 3 – Northwest Minnesota cities add amenities to lure scarce workers

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