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Marvin Warranty

Marvin® brand windows, doors, Marvin Awaken™ Skylight and Marvin Skycove® are covered by our industry-leading Limited Warranty:

Warranty Documents

Warranty Claims

If you have a warranty claim, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased your Marvin window or door products, as they are near you and familiar with your purchase and/or project. Please provide the retailer with the serial number found on your Marvin window or door products. For more details, see How to Identify Marvin Products.

If you purchased Marvin products through a builder or a remodeler, you may need to contact them to find out the name and location of the Marvin retailer with whom they placed your product order. If you cannot determine the name of the retailer or distributor, search the Marvin retailer locator or call 1-800-346-5128 to find the one nearest you.

The retailer’s service representative will help diagnose the problem and determine if the parts are covered under warranty. If repair or replacement of materials is required, there may be charges for parts or labor.

If after 5 days, your local Marvin retailer or distributor has not responded to your claim, please send a written notice to:

PO BOX 100

Please include the following information in your letter:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Day-time phone number, including area code
  • Date you purchased your product
  • Marvin serial number
  • The name of the retailer or distributor from whom you purchased your Marvin windows and doors
  • Specific description of problem
  • Action that you've taken or contact you've made with your local retailer or distributor

Once we receive your letter, Marvin will respond to your claim within two working days.

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How to Identify a Marvin window or door

Manufactured after November 2003

Marvin products manufactured after November 2003 feature a laser etched logo and product identifiers. The etching is found on the interior of the glass, in the corner of the window sash or door panel. This etching contains the following information:
Glass manufacturer-Plant Year  CIG-G 03
IG glass certification abbreviations [email protected] IGMAC
Serial Number C03604162118
NFRC Number NFRC-007/010/246/247
Manufacturing Company Marvin Windows and Doors or Marvin

Manufactured before November 2003

For window products manufactured before November 2003, examine the silver-colored spacer bar between the panes of insulating glass. The spacer bar runs along the outside perimeter of the glass. If the product was manufactured by Marvin, the spacer bar will bear an engraving that displays the Marvin name, and the last two digits identify the year of manufacture. The engraving may appear at any point around the perimeter of the glass.