Exterior of home with Marvin Signature Modern Awning Windows and Direct Glaze windows
Marvin connected home products

Technical specifications and Support

Get the information you need to specify, install, and maintain Marvin Connected Home products.

General FAQs

  • Who do I call for Marvin Connected Home support?
    Please contact your local Marvin dealer for any questions related to your Marvin products. You may also contact Marvin directly by calling 888-323-7107 or by emailing [email protected] for assistance. Refer to your Marvin dealer for the most recent pricing and availability.
  • What is the warranty?
    There is five-year warranty on all automation electronics within casement and awning windows. Other components of the window remain covered under the existing warranties. There are no changes to the existing warranties for the Modern Automated Multi-Slide door and Awaken® skylight. Review the most up-to-date warranty on www.marvin.com/support/warranty
  • Which collections and product lines are included in Marvin Connected Home?
    Marvin Connected Home is currently available in the Signature collection on the Modern product line. The Modern Automated Casement window, Modern Automated Awning window, and the Modern Automated Multi-Slide door are all available as part of Marvin Connected Home. Awaken skylights are available as part of Marvin's skylight offering and are part of this solution.
  • Are custom sizes available for automated windows, Awaken skylight, and automated doors?
    • Modern Automated Casement windows are available as small as 20 inches W x 24 inches H, up to 44 inches W x 108 inches H.
    • Modern Automated Awning windows are available as small as 24 inches W x 18 inches H, up to 108 inches W x 44 inches H.
    • The Modern Automated Multi-Slide door can be ordered in panels up to 12 feet tall x 58 feet wide.
    • Awaken skylight is available as small as 16 inches W x 36 inches H, up to 48 inches W x 90 inches high.

    These sizes are dependent on configuration. For Awaken, configuration is dependent on features (shades, lighting, and/or venting).

  • Are there certain environments where automated windows and doors would not be appropriate?
    Automated windows and doors can be used in the same exterior environments as manual windows and doors. Interior environments with excessive moisture, such as showers or saunas, should be avoided.
  • Will a homeowner be able to see the lock status of the windows and doors?
    Yes. A homeowner can see whether their automated windows and doors are closed and locked by using the Marvin Home app. If they are not closed, they can use the controls in their mobile phone to shut and lock their windows and doors. Marvin’s Lock Status Sensor (LSS) option (sold separately) can be used on both manually operated and automated windows and doors. The LSS sensors are connected to an automation or security panel provided by a third party and the LSS’s may be viewable through their third-party app.
  • Can automated windows be used in mulled configurations?
    Automated units can be mulled, but certain units in the middle of the assembly may prevent access to wiring routes. As early in your project as possible, work with the builder, electrician, and smart home integrator (if there is one) to verify that mulling the automated units in your project is possible. You can also work with Marvin for guidance on mulling automated units.
  • What are the power requirements for the multi-slide door and Awaken skylight?
    The door and skylight come with their own power supply that an electrician will connect to 120VAC.
  • What are the power requirements for automated casements and awnings?
    Automated casements and awnings are a low voltage product and need one (1) amp of 24V DC to power the automation components. Marvin will offer a power supply which will provide power for up to eight (8) windows. Many third party 24V DC power supplies are also available and can be used without voiding warranty. If you’re considering powering Marvin automated windows through a power source for another smart home device, for example through a Lutron Power Panel for Lutron Shades, be sure to verify that using the Marvin product with theirs doesn’t void the warranty. The smart home integrator can assist with this.
  • Are there any safety concerns with shipping, handling, or installing automated windows with a charged power supply?
    There are no batteries or energized electronics when automated windows, doors, and Awaken Skylights are shipped. Backup energy storage is not powered until the unit is wired and connected to power. There are no safety concerns with shipping, handling, or installing automated windows when it comes to energy storage.
  • Will the hardware on the automated windows experience added wear and tear because they’re automated?
    It is logical to assume that automated windows will be used more than manual windows, which results in using the hardware more. It is important to follow installation instructions closely to ensure that the windows continue to operate properly over time.
  • Can Marvin Connected Home integrate with a home automation system?
    Yes. Currently Marvin Connected Home has drivers for Crestron® Home and Control4®. You can do the integration yourself or work with a smart home integrator in your area. It may be possible to use our products with other home automation systems not mentioned above if wires can be run for a low voltage contact closure. Work with the smart home integrator to determine what is feasible.
  • How can smart home integrators help with projects including automated windows and doors?

    Smart home integrators specialize in smart home systems and work closely with homeowners to create customized home automation systems. These systems often incorporate multiple devices, like a security system, smart shades, garage doors, lighting, and now windows and doors, into one home automation system.

    Smart home integrators work with general contractors and architects to ensure the wiring, hardware, and smart devices are installed at the right time, work to their fullest potential, and fit the design aesthetic during the build and installation process.

  • What voice assistants are compatible with Marvin Connected Home?
    Marvin Connected Home is compatible with Amazon®️ Alexa®️ and Google Assistant™️ devices. In the future, more smart home platform compatibilities like Apple®️ HomeKit will be available.
  • Do the products communicate wirelessly or are they hardwired?

    Marvin Connected Home products communicate wirelessly through a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Marvin Connected Home is also flexible — you can choose to operate the windows with the on-window control button or with a wired wall switch (wall switches are not provided by Marvin and are sold separately for automated casements and awnings). Even without Wi-Fi, the windows will still automatically close when rain is detected, or power is lost.

    Smart home integrators can choose to hardwire the dry contacts from the home automation system to automated products. The decision on which route to choose should be considered by the homeowner and smart home integrator (if there is one) associated with the project.

  • Can you replace existing windows, doors, and skylights with Marvin Connected Home?
    Depending on your home's window dimensions, electrical, and other existing construction factors, you may be able to replace your existing windows and skylights with automated windows and doors. Please consult with a Marvin dealer or your contractor for more information.
  • Can a Modern window or door be retrofitted to include the Marvin Connected Home solution?
    Marvin does not offer a retrofit option at this time.

Purchasing FAQs

How can I order Marvin Connected Home Products?

Marvin Connected Home Products are now available in select markets. Find your local Marvin dealer below to place an order for smart windows. If you're interested in learning more about product availability and locations, you can visit these locations or schedule a free in-person or virtual appointment with our brand ambassadors at Marvin at 7 Tide in Boston, MA.

Operation FAQs

  • Do the windows meet egress requirements?
    The automated casement window can meet egress. The Architectural Detail Manual (ADM) lists the various sizes that meet egress. The automated casement window can be unlocked, and the sash opened without the need for power at the unit.
  • What are the different ways to operate the windows and doors?

    Marvin Connected Home is flexible. You can choose to operate automated windows with our Marvin Home app, an on-unit control button or with a third party wired wall switch. Wall switches for automated windows are not provided by Marvin and are sold separately through third parties. Awaken®️ skylight and Modern Multi-Slide door are still available with Marvin-provided wall switches, should the homeowner choose to use them.

    You can also operate automated windows and doors with voice assistants like Amazon®️ Alexa®️ and Google Assistant™️ or through a home automation system like Crestron® Home and Control4®.

  • Will the HVAC (air conditioning and/or heat) turn off when the windows, doors and skylights are open?
    The Marvin Connected Home solution does not integrate with the home's HVAC system on its own. However, if the homeowner is working with a smart home integrator, they can use a third-party system like Crestron® Home or Control4® to integrate smart home products, so that the HVAC system (if equipped) will turn on or off when the windows are open or closed.
  • What happens if it rains?
    When the window, door, and skylight’s sensors detect rain, the system will close your window automatically and notify you through the Marvin Home app (or your home automation system, if equipped).
  • What happens if the power goes out?
    Using its own built-in power reserve, windows, doors, and skylights will close and lock automatically when power is lost.
  • Will the windows, skylights, and multi-slide door stop closing if there is an object in the way?
    For safety reasons, Awaken® skylights, and the multi-slide door will stop closing when obstructed. The Automated Casement and Awning windows will perform a short back off, and then attempt to close three times when obstructed. After the third attempt, the window will back off and remain open until it receives another command. The on-unit-control will blink red three times in the event of an obstruction.
  • Will the windows, Awaken skylight, and doors open when the homeowner is not home?
    Automated windows, doors, and skylights will only open when you tell them to, or according to the set preferences or schedules set up by the homeowner. Homeowners can program the windows, doors, and skylights using the Marvin Home app to open or close according to their outdoor temperature and humidity preferences, or they can set a schedule using a home automation system or smart home platform (like Amazon® Alexa®, Control4®, Creston® Home).
  • What if the wi-fi goes down?
    If the windows, doors, or skylights lose WiFi, they will continue to open or close with the on-unit button (windows only) or optional hard-wired switches. Auto-close functionality will still work in the event of a power failure or rain detection.
  • How far do the windows open?

    The amount an automated window can open is determined by its size and style. Automated casements can open anywhere between 55 and 75 degrees. Automated awnings open slightly more than a standard one would. Venting Awaken units project the entire sash about 4 inches to allow venting on the unit’s perimeter.

    Automated Casement windows are compatible with the Marvin window opening control device (WOCD) and all other sash limiters come calibrated for it from the factory. Please refer to the Architectural Detail Manual (ADM) for specifications.

  • What is the best way to coordinate when pulling wire versus installing the windows?

    It's not necessary to complete either of these tasks in a particular order, but most often the window is installed before the electrical is pulled.

    The builder, electrician, and smart home integrator (if there is one) should decide what’s best for the site based on installation instructions and timelines for trades involved in the project.