Natural Light Boosts Creativity in this Home for Musicians

An exterior photo of the Unbridled Path residence, a contemporary home entirely clad in cedar shingles, featuring Marvin Elevate windows and doors.
Designed for a tight-knit family of musicians, the Unbridled Path home encourages play, creativity and connectivity by illuminating the power of natural light. 

When a family of musicians was looking to build a new home, they yearned for a place where they could easily connect with one another, as well as with nature. They wanted their home to inspire fresh thinking, open-mindedness, and encourage musical collaboration. 

While the property’s dynamic, sculptural form effortlessly integrates with its surroundings, one step inside immediately reveals the break from tradition. While many homes are centered around the kitchen, the unique plan of the Unbridled Path residence surrounds a stage within a 34-foot-tall light well, incorporating seating that sprawls out to the open communal spaces. 

The architects thoughtfully designed the top of the stage with their clients’ interests in mind—including a place for impromptu jam sessions, as well as a play area for the couple’s children. Naturally lit from the light well above, the stage overlooks the living, dining, and kitchen areas on the first floor, further exploring the dynamic spatial relationships that the home fosters. 

While the open floor plan helps the family stay connected to each other, the design of their residence also fosters a connection with nature. With an 11-foot-tall, floor-to-ceiling window wall from the Marvin Elevate collection along the full length of the house, the home beautifully frames the lush forest in the backyard. 

“Since this house was built to be regularly full of people, it demanded a product that could withstand the repeated use of its operable functions, seamlessly moving from inside to out,” Kopp said. “The windows in this project needed to not only deliver this strength, but also to maintain the standard of the building quality throughout the neighborhood.” 

“More so, this house used light as a material, and Marvin delivered on this being possible,” Kopp added. To expand the family’s sense of surrounding space—a strategy known to improve creative thinking—Acre strategically widened the interior space beyond the home’s enclosing walls via large windows and doors. 

Thanks to this partnership, the team tapped into the power of natural light to create a home where their clients could ultimately live better—a main ingredient to the firm’s design approach. “Living better for this family translated into being a space that enabled creating memories with loved ones and encouraging a sense of play for kids and parents alike, all while living a healthy life connected to nature.” 

A version of this article first appeared on Photos by Julian Parkinson.



Architect: Acre Architects 
Photography: Julian Parkinson