From Dark and Dingy To Light and Bright

Emily Henderson’s mountain home required a complete renovation to become the serene, light-filled family retreat it is today. “I’m trying to raise two normal (and even kind) children so it’s crucial that we get out of the city, away from the chaos and just connect to each other and with nature. The second I get to this house I can feel my body and soul relax and am filled with joy.”

Not only did she move a fireplace and a staircase, she tore down walls and added windows and custom doors to bring in natural light where originally there was hardly any. A big part of the home's charm was a dated A-frame wall of windows that weren't performing to today's modern standards. Enter our team of architectural experts, who replaced the window wall without losing an ounce of character.

“I’m a firm believer that windows and doors are where you splurge because they are so integral to the architecture of the house. It was a priority since day one of living in that house that we would replace the windows, but I had no idea that the potential of what they could be would look this amazing. The house is a showpiece even without decor because these white oak windows are so stunning.”
—Emily Henderson

Design by Emily Henderson, photography by Sara Tramp