Historic Croft House-Inspired Home in Nashville, TN

New construction inspired by the Historic Croft House in Nashville, TN.

For some, this historic-style home in College Grove, Tennessee might elicit a sense of déjà vu. Created by Hatcliff Construction, the design was inspired by the historic Croft House, built in 1810 on the Grassmere farm in Nashville, Tennessee. In its early days, the Croft House embodied the aesthetic hallmarks of Federal Style houses, known for their rectangular shape and unadorned facades. In 1998, the house was restored and opened to the public, and the farmland surrounding it became the home of the Nashville Zoo.

Designing a new home to honor a historic design can be daunting, especially when the template is a local icon like the Croft House. To honor the look of the original house, the new structure was designed with 10-foot arched windows on the lower porch, with careful consideration of the size of the muntin bars.

“Windows are probably the most important feature I consider when planning a home,” said Mary Hatcliff, who owns Hatcliff Construction with her husband Patrick. “We tried to use the best quality products throughout the home. And Marvin’s attention to detailed is unmatched in the industry.”

Marvin can provide the perfect product to fit any modern reproduction, and can successfully execute the most challenging historic restoration projects. Hatcliff Construction chose high-performing Marvin Signature Ultimate windows and doors, which feature extruded aluminum cladding and a best-in-class, low maintenance finish.

The house was well received by the public and even the caretaker of the original Croft house was pleased. Historic Site Manager Tori Mason said, “To know someone loves the Croft House as much as we do and that they were able to recreate it in a modern form for several thousand people to visit and experience is incredibly heartwarming.”


Builder: Hatcliff Construction

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Signature Ultimate

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