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Wood Windows  & Doors

Wood is a natural material that offers a sense of warmth and richness in your windows and doors. Choosing wood windows and doors also brings a unique and distinctive quality to any space since no two pieces of wood are exactly alike.

For wood windows and doors, there are two main application types: wood interiors with wood exteriors (typically historic projects with a goal to replicate original wood windows) or, more commonly, wood interiors with aluminum-clad or fiberglass exteriors.
Marvin Wood Windows and Doors

Benefits of Wood

  • Wood is resilient and can resist warping when faced with extreme temperature changes. Adding coating and treatment to wood can help protect it for an even longer period of time
  • Bringing your exact vision to life is possible because wood can be made custom to fit virtually any size or shape, with the most intricate of details
  • Wood windows and doors provide great insulation
  • Treatments such as stains and paints work well when applied to wood
  • For a more sustainable option, wood is a renewable resource
  • Wood is often perceived as a material that will rot or deteriorate, but that is only the case if it is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time

Why Choose Marvin Wood Windows and Doors

Sourcing Wood:

We source the best, highest quality raw wood

Processing Wood:

We use refined techniques to process it

Finished Products:

We employ experts and skilled professionals to make exceptionally finished wood windows and doors

  • 1. Sourcing Wood
    Our dedication to quality wood products begins with sourcing and the relationships we’ve built with our wood suppliers. Marvin employs wood scientists to understand how wood behaves in different situations so we can source the best materials. We source three types for exterior wood: Pine, Douglas Fir, and Honduran Mahogany; and seven types for interior wood: Pine, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Mahogany, White Oak, and Vertical Grain Douglas Fir.
  • 2. Processing Wood
    Developing the right approach to process wood - getting it ready to be made into wood windows and doors - is very important and can impact product performance down the line. Our wood components are thoroughly inspected by human experts and automation to eliminate any wood that does not meet Marvin’s exacting standards. After the wood has passed these quality tests, it is made into window and door profiles. Marvin uses finger joining—connecting smaller pieces of wood to create longer pieces—to do this effectively. The finger-joining technique makes wood more stable and resistant to warping than a solid piece of wood.
  • 3. Finished Products
    Marvin has a team of experts to see each product through to completion—starting with wood scientists who advise on how wood behaves in different situations and ending with expert craftsmen who put the finished product together. Before a wood window or door is complete, we sand, condition, stain, and oven-cure each individual piece of wood, which provides a rich interior finish. Each finished product reflects a high level of combined expertise, adding up to exceptional wood windows and doors.

    The finish of each wood window and door product is a result of our processing techniques and the quality of the paint and stains used. Combined, these things help ensure beauty and durability for years to come.

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