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Aluminum Windows & Doors

Aluminum is a strong, durable material that is well-suited for making low-maintenance, long-lasting windows and doors. While there are many kinds of aluminum, Marvin uses only extruded aluminum in its products. Extruded aluminum is much thicker than standard roll-form aluminum. The added strength and durability of extruded aluminum benefits the overall performance of windows and doors.

Marvin Aluminum Windows and Doors

Benefits of Extruded Aluminum

  • Outstanding strength and structural performance
  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions, such as hail, hurricanes, and tropical storms
  • Long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance finish
  • Can be formed into precise shapes
  • 100% recyclable
Several Marvin product lines feature extruded aluminum. The exteriors of Ultimate products are aluminum-clad (wood covered with aluminum). The interiors of Modern products are made of aluminum and with a low gloss finish. Coastline features aluminum interiors and exteriors.

Why Choose Marvin Extruded Aluminum Windows and Doors


Aluminum is strong and helps maintain the structural integrity of the product even in extreme weather.

Smooth, consistent finish

The process and finish Marvin uses for its aluminum windows and doors allows for a smooth, premium finish.

Design aesthetics

Extruded aluminum offers a high degree of design flexibility and can be made into precise shapes.

  • 1. Durability
    Extruded aluminum is thicker and more durable than roll form. Thinner aluminum, such as roll form, can dent more easily, and does not offer the structural performance of extruded aluminum.
  • 2. Smooth, consistent, durable finish
    Marvin extruded aluminum parts are formed first, then painted. This eliminates paint cracks and imperfections and allows for a smooth, uniform finish that evenly covers the curves and angles of the product. The 70% PVDF fluoropolymer acrylic enamel finish is smooth to the touch which distinguishes it from the rough, textured finish on competitive aluminum products. The PVDF finish meets the highest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 requirements. During the manufacturing process, the PVDF finish is chemically bonded to the aluminum. The PVDF finish is standard for all Ultimate and select Coastline finishes.

    To provide uniform durability over time, Marvin Ultimate uses extruded aluminum on all major window components. Some manufacturers choose to cut costs by using lower-quality materials on certain parts. This can lead to quicker chalking and fading and inconsistent weatherability.
  • 3. Design aesthetics
    Because of its design flexibility, extruded aluminum can be shaped to closely match existing windows or doors in a way that can’t be done with other materials. Extruded aluminum is created by heating aluminum and pushing it through a die which creates a clean, and precise shape. The aluminum is then cut and fabricated into different shapes, sizes, and widths. Roll form aluminum comes on a large roll and is pressed down over a form to create the product components.

What's the Difference Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows and Doors?

Aluminum and vinyl are two completely different materials, and each comes with its own unique qualities. Vinyl is a non-biodegradable, plastic-based composite material. Aluminum is a type of metal material and is recyclable.

The two materials also differ in appearance. Aluminum windows offer more design flexibility and customization options giving them a premium look. In terms of longevity, aluminum products outlast vinyl products because aluminum is a superior, stronger material for windows and doors. Vinyl is more likely to break down over time, as it can become brittle or compromised when exposed to extreme temperature shifts. Contact your local Marvin dealer to learn more.

How Long do Aluminum Windows and Doors Last?

Aluminum and aluminum clad windows and doors are designed and manufactured to be very low-maintenance and long-lasting. Routine care like washing and inspecting your windows and doors will go a long way. Use a soft brush with clear water to remove any bugs, grime, dirt, or dust. Before using any cleaners, test the solution on a hidden area then clean with a thorough water rinse. Climate may also impact how long your aluminum windows and doors will last. Contact your local Marvin dealer to discuss if aluminum windows and doors are right for you.

Extruded aluminum window and door product lines

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