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Marvin uses only extruded aluminum across its product portfolio. The aluminum extrusion process involves forcing aluminum through a specific shaped die or profile. The aluminum is then precision cut and fabricated to create a wide range of profile widths and details. Extruded aluminum can be two to three times thicker than roll form depending on its application. The variation in thickness between extruded aluminum and roll form can be compared to the thickness of a quarter and an aluminum can. Roll form aluminum comes on a large roll and is pressed down over a form to create the profiles. Thinner aluminum, such as roll form, can dent easily.

Marvin Aluminum Windows and Doors

Benefits of Extruded Aluminum

  • Outstanding strength and structural performance making it especially well-suited for hurricane-prone climates
  • Long-lasting color retention making it a low maintenance option
  • Supports versatile design styles - allowing for custom profiles in unlimited shapes and sizes
  • 100% recyclable

The Marvin Materials Difference: Extruded Aluminum

Unlike roll form products, Marvin extruded aluminum components are formed first, then painted, allowing for a smooth finish that evenly covers the curves and angles of a profile.

The 70% PVDF premium finish on Marvin extruded aluminum is smooth to the touch which distinguishes it from the rough, textured finish on competitive aluminum products. The PVDF finish meets the highest American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605 requirements. The PVDF paint finish is standard for all Ultimate exteriors and available on select Coastline finish options.

Extruded aluminum window and door product lines

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