Man Holding A Phone With Lock Status Sensor Windows Locked Message Displayed
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Lock Status Sensor

Marvin Lock Status Sensor

The Marvin Lock Status Sensor brings smart home capabilities to Marvin windows and doors. This affordable solution is installed in the factory and fully concealed – meaning no unsightly sensors attached on the exterior or interior, and no additional modification of your product once installed. The sensor can be wired or wirelessly connected, working in tandem with your smart home security system to indicate if windows and doors are closed and locked or unlocked, providing peace of mind when security is a concern.

Features and Benefits

  • Each window and door ordered with the Lock Status Sensor arrives with the sensor already installed, eliminating need for after-market modification that can void warranties
  • Concealed design doesn’t interfere with the beauty of your windows and doors
  • Integrates seamlessly into your new or existing security system via wired or wireless connection
  • Open system doesn’t dictate which systems the sensor is compatible with; and allows for flexibility in changing your security system in the future