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Exterior Window and Door Casings and Trim

Like interior trim, exterior casing can help boost architectural charm by adding detail around your windows and doors. Whether your design calls for simple and flat or multi-layered and ornate, factory-installed options are available to suit all of our collections.

Marvin Signature® Ultimate

Window & Door Casings

Factory-applied casing for clad-wood windows and doors provides job-site time savings, plus better performance and consistency thanks to our extruded aluminum material finished with a durable commercial-grade paint. Choose from eight exterior casing styles to complement a project’s character and architectural style.

  • Clad-wood products come standard without exterior casing, but if casing is desired, a dealer can help choose the right design and will specify it at the time of order
  • All wood windows and doors come standard with wood Brick Mould-style casing applied, but if flat Casing-style is desired, it is available and should be specified when ordering
Brick Mould

Window & Door Subsills

To achieve a specific architectural look under the sill of a window, choose from six extruded aluminum subsill options to complement your casing. Ask about custom options including clad subsills for historical matching and hundreds of wood subsill styles.


*Due to the variety of possible combinations of casings and subsill options, special dimensional considerations for different installation methods are required. Please contact your local Marvin retailer when specifying casing and subsill combinations.

Marvin Elevate® and Essential

Window & Door Exterior Trim

Get the performance of Ultrex® fiberglass in convenient, factory-cut exterior casing made for easy on-site installation. A long-lasting and strong alternative to wood, vinyl or composite, Ultrex pultruded fiberglass casing features our low-maintenance AAMA-verified acrylic finish that resists fading, chalking, and peeling over time. Multiple trim configurations are available in all of our exterior colors. Choose flat-style for a clean, simple look and brick mold-style for a more traditional look on any door or rectangular window, and enjoy faster installation time with factory pre-cut kits that provide a precise fit for your windows. Three aesthetic styles are available, with or without a sill nose (a flat-style bottom sill that offers a slightly different aesthetic effect).

Brick Mould
Connection Barb
Sill Nose