Combine product ingenuity with pure modern aesthetics and the result is truly stunning. The Marvin Signature Modern line is made to be built big and perform at scale. The Modern Direct Glaze proprietary frame design helps keep interior temperatures comfortable while maintaining sightlines.


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Signature Modern Picture Window Exterior View

Features of the Modern Direct Glaze Window

  • Large expanses of glass for maximum views with numerous configurations and sizes available
  • Rectangular and polygon shapes
  • Frame recess accepts a drywall return for seamless integration
  • Horizontal or vertical ribbon mulling capabilities
  • Non-certified mulling capabilities
  • Maximum certified frame size - 141 ⅜" to 93 ⅜"
  • Single Unit Performance Rating - CW-PG60
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mulled Units Performance Ratings - CW-PG60

Design Options

  • Exterior Finish

    Carefully curated to meet the exacting principles and aesthetic standards of true modern architecture, Marvin Modern offers a color palette inspired by the elements. Choose split interior and exterior color finishes or matching finishes designed to coordinate.

    Stone White

    *Finish samples are approximate and colors on screen can vary. Visit your local dealer to see actual color samples.

  • Interior Finish

    The Modern product line features an intentionally selected, low-gloss interior color palette that evokes the elemental nature of modern design. Choose split interior and exterior color finishes or matching finishes designed to coordinate.

    Clear Anodized
    Stone White
  • Glass

    Decorative Glass

    Bronze Tint
    Gray Tint
    Obscure Tint

    *Not all decorative glass is compatible with all products. Laminated glazing is available in Frosted, Obscure and Gray or Bronze tint. Check with your dealer for a recommendation on which glass is right for your project. Images may not be an accurate representation.

    Energy Efficiency


    Selecting the right options for large expanses of glass is an important aspect for balancing wide open views with energy efficiency. Choose from dual pane or triple pane glass with Low E coatings and Argon or Krypton-Argon blend insulating gas. Variations are available to help meet climate and performance requirements across the country, described in more detail on our glass page.

  • Mulling

    The Modern product line is designed to work together visually as a modular system with consistent profiles and narrow sightlines less than 3 inches even on units that are mulled together.