Marvin Introduces Switchable Privacy Glass

January 17, 2024

Marvin Modern to offer CLiC™ glass on direct glaze windows

WARROAD, Minn. – Marvin announced the availability of switchable privacy glass on its Modern direct glaze windows.

Time to shine

Marvin has partnered with its long-standing glass supplier, Cardinal Glass Industries, to offer an innovative window privacy solution, CLiC™ switchable privacy glass. CLiC glass uses a unique application of liquid crystal technology to transition between clear views or a privacy setting in less than one second.

CLiC uses a proprietary liquid crystal technology. When in the clear state, liquid crystals align for glass that is clear from edge to edge and from any angle. When in the privacy state, liquid crystals scatter to create uniform diffused illumination across the window’s glass surface, providing privacy while still allowing light to enter a space.

Marvin Modern direct glaze windows equipped with CLiC glass are operated from a wall-mounted switch or integrated with home automation systems.

“As many homeowners continue to gravitate toward modern home designs, large expanses of glass and uninterrupted sight lines are critical elements of that design philosophy,” said Marvin’s vice president of R&D and product development, David Goulet. “Leveraging the benefits of switchable privacy glass is an ideal way to stay true to modern design principles while enjoying the ease of opening up or closing off the view from a space at the push of a button.”

Professionals and homeowners can learn more about Marvin’s switchable privacy glass options by visiting a Marvin Modern dealer at


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