I've been installing Marvin windows and doors since my very first project in 2005, and if you're considering Marvin products for your upcoming project, there are a few critical steps to ensure a successful and straightforward installation that I can share based on my experience. After all, most issues that arise with windows and doors are typically due to installation errors rather than manufacturing defects. This holds true across all manufacturers, including Marvin. In fact, according to Marvin’s customer service team, more than 50 percent of window and door service calls are due to improper installation.

I've compiled three essential tips to help you ensure consistent quality during the installation process.

A man holding a Marvin window outside a home as he gets ready to install it. 

Tip 1: Read the Manufacturer's Instructions

While it may sound like common sense, you'd be surprised how often this is overlooked. Different manufacturers, and even different products within a manufacturer's catalog, can have varying installation procedures. Therefore, it is critical to read the manufacturer's instructions for the specific window type you're installing.

Marvin products include stickers with a QR code that will take you right to video installation instructions, making it easy to double-check your approach right from the job site. Marvin also offers great online resources - review the installation details on YouTube or through the manufacturer’s online training resources. These are a huge help for visual leaners that make the written instructions easier to understand.

Whether you're the builder or the head installer, take time the day before the installation to familiarize yourself with the instructions and gather all the necessary tools and equipment.

Tip 2: Perform a Mock Installation

Before proceeding with the actual installation, gather the entire installation crew, which could include finish carpenters, cornice crew, or any team members, and conduct a mock installation. This step allows your team to familiarize themselves with the process, troubleshoot potential problems, ensure everyone understands the instructions, and confirm you have enough of the right materials on hand prior to installation day. The practice install will also serve as a reference for the crew if they encounter any challenges during the actual installation process. It’s a great time to take photos or capture video of how you’ll perform the final installation to be shared with anyone who can’t attend the dry run or might join the project down the line.

Two men prepping a window opening with flashing tape from inside the home.

Tip 3: Follow Best Practices for Weather-Resistant Barriers

My third tip is to adhere to best practices when using any weather-resistant barrier. Remember, the rough opening for your window needs to be completely waterproof before setting your windows. For instance, if you're using the Huber Zip System sheathing (a personal favorite), use liquid flash or stretch tape appropriately. Whether you're using the zip system tape on the jams or the head, ensure a waterproof connection from the face of the system to the inside of the rough opening. Any potential leak will be directed onto a waterproof material, guiding the water outside.

Following these tips will make your window installation process straightforward and produce a high-quality outcome. With their ease of installation and long-lasting durability, Marvin windows and doors are a fantastic choice, promising decades of service for your clients. With careful preparation and a meticulous approach to best practices, you can confidently navigate any installation project and achieve stellar results.

A close-up of the corner of a Marvin window with nailing fin.

The Marvin Advantage

While the above tips provide a general guideline for successful window or door installation, there are a few specifics unique to Marvin worth mentioning. Marvin products feature a foldable nailing flange across most of its product lines, which provides a significant advantage over their competitors. In many window installations, rigid nailing flanges often get damaged on-site, but Marvin's foldable flanges prevent these issues.

Marvin also offers several resources to help professionals feel confident throughout the installation process, including an Installation Resources page and installation videos on its YouTube channel.

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