Considering a Staircase Makeover? Add Windows

Statement staircases can bring energizing light and impressive views to some of the highest-traffic areas of a home, and these are 9 of our favorite stunners.

October 11, 2022

From railings to risers and even window pairings, there are unlimited options when it comes to the style of your stairway. Want a one-of-a-kind focal point for your home? Windows let in natural light for better safety and visibility, and illuminate multiple levels and spaces within a home to turn your staircase into a total showstopper. We’ve curated nine unique staircases with equally unique windows to inspire the staircase makeover of your dreams.

Looking up a winding staircase

A Cinderella moment with a view. This winding staircase, with the spotlight on a beautiful round window halfway down, makes for a grand entrance and the organic shape of the window complements the curve of the stairway.

Looking from the top of staircase out a Marvin Window

With this stunning set of windows, it’s almost as if you can walk right out on to the water in this beach house. Speaking of water, in areas where harsh coastal conditions are a consideration, IZ-rated glass options and durable exterior finishes can offer peace of mind.

Marvin Window at the bottom of a staircase

Young ones (and the young at heart) will love a low window in a staircase where they can perch to watch the world go by. Our pre-finished white interior windows are factory-painted to match white trim, which means your windows come painted and ready to install without an extra thought.

Downstairs living area

Emily Henderson created a fun little window nook in the stairway to the kids’ room in her mountain home. The kids can cozy up with a good book or simply gaze out the window and daydream. At night they can look out at the stars before turning in.

Looking up staircase at large Marvin Window

When the light shines in through this staircase, the column of windows casts beautiful shadows, like artwork on the wall of this modern space. The unique stacked design with inoperable picture windows extends the line of sight from the door at the bottom of the stairs nearly up to the ceiling.

Looking down modern style staircase towards multiple Marvin Windows

This bank of windows helps bring the outdoors in with views of the home’s tree-filled yard. If you can’t be outside, it’s a nice way to feel like you are part of nature. Sets of picture windows mulled together give the illusion of a full wall of glass.

Lower living area staircase

An eye-catching mural done in the style of Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai—best known for an iconic print of an enormous blue wave off the coast of Japan—adorns the staircase in Vern Yip’s Rosemary Beach home. Three windows bring light and views into what would otherwise be a dark space.

Traditional style staircase looking through historic style Marvin Window

This ornate stairway features a gothic-style arched window with decorative glass. Whether you’re restoring historic windows to their original style or adding windows to new construction, the ability to match architectural details is important. The International Well Building Institute recommends installing windows in stairwells to make taking the stairs more appealing, encouraging positive practices for the health of those who use the buildings.

Modern style staircase with multiple large Marvin Windows

We love the contrast of the designer black windows, white risers, natural wood stairs and black railing in this transitional home. Plus, the wall of windows brings in light to put the staircase center stage.

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