Before and After: Emily Henderson’s Mountain Home Transformation

Beloved designer Emily Henderson’s escape in the mountains features soaring A-frame windows and tranquil nature views.

October 6, 2022

To say Emily Henderson transformed her mountain home would be an understatement. She took a dark, dated space and turned it into a light-filled, contemporary haven with stunning nature views that help her family disconnect from busy city life and recharge their batteries.

“I’m trying to raise two normal (and even kind) children so it’s crucial that we get out of the city, away from the chaos and just connect to each other and with nature. The second I get to this house I can feel my body and soul relax and am filled with joy.”

Henderson brought in Scandinavian minimalist touches, added playful elements and got creative with windows where originally there were none. And to up the family’s relaxation game, she prioritized the kind of cozy nooks we can’t get enough of right now.

Check out these before and after transformations for a small peek into her mountain retreat.

The Family Room



The family room underwent one of the largest transformations and is now one of the most-used spaces in the home. The fireplace in the corner of the room was relocated, a staircase was removed (a redesign of the room above made it no longer necessary), and large scenic doors were installed for easy access to the outside.

“The scenic door from our family room to the back deck makes the house feel 10 times bigger (and our kids can’t stop getting a kick out of the fact that they are both inside and outside at the same time),” Henderson said.

The Living Room



In the living room, Henderson transformed the face of the fireplace without losing its natural charm and character. Throughout the home, carpeting was removed and now warm hardwood floors and rugs take their place.

Next to the fireplace, a feature wall of dated and energy inefficient original A-frame windows were replaced with a custom solution that allowed the shape and style to remain, letting light in through brand new Ultimate line windows with a natural white oak framing. Because the window was integral to the home’s structure, Henderson worked closely with her Marvin architectural rep to ensure the new solution was engineered to stand the test of time, save energy and support the home while letting in all of the beautiful natural light.

“The natural light in here is insanely beautiful, moves around the house all day and generally makes my heart fill with happiness,” Henderson said. “The windows are the feature, with the natural light being the real star.”

The Loft



This loft area was transformed into an office space where Henderson can get her natural light fix during the day from floor-to-ceiling windows. The A-frame windows are a focal point both for the loft and the living room below. Balancing cozy with bright, this unique space is a nook all its own, with gorgeous refinished wood windows that now meet the floor for a seamless look.

The Kitchen



Originally there was a wall shutting off the living room from the kitchen and the kitchen itself had just one tiny window. Henderson opted to tear down the wall to create open sightlines from the A-frame window all the way to the dining nook.

A large-scale glider window was added for easy operation and plenty of light over the stove, and a custom white oak patio door allows access to the outdoors from the heart of the home.

Other spaces we love: the Master Bedroom

In the previous layout of the home, no master bedroom existed. Henderson got smart about the floor plan, borrowing space from one of four family living areas to create a brand new master suite with windows where there once were none.

“Our master bedroom is up high and had really pretty forest views, but no windows to let us enjoy it.” Henderson said. “The function and layout of the room changed once the windows were installed because they became the focus; we oriented the room to face them.”

The Kids’ Room

The kids’ room had no windows at all and, as Henderson pointed out, “Kids need natural light!” A tricky roofline meant they needed to get creative, so by staggering the windows at various heights and sizes, they were able to get four added to the room.

Now, not only do the kids get several windows in their playful room, but they get their very own cute nook in which to daydream whenever they’d like.

The Downstairs Guest Room + Bathroom

The downstairs guest room provides easy access to the outdoors with custom swinging French doors that let light stream in through large glass panels. Light-blocking shades, copious greenery and a relaxing private bathroom complete this calming oasis for guests.

Learn more about Emily’s mountain home renovation and hear from the designer herself on why she chose Marvin for her home in our Instagram highlight.

Photos by Sara Tramp

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