Amber Lewis's Belgian Farmhouse Reveal

Los Angeles designer Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors, offers a complete tour of her stunning Belgian farmhouse makeover.

July 26, 2022
When designer Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors, saw this Los Angeles property, with its verdant landscape and tall trees, she knew it was the ideal place to bring her vision to life. That vision? To create a natural light-filled Belgian farmhouse for her family. Taking into consideration her family’s deep love of the outdoors, Lewis knew it would be crucial to access ample views of nature throughout the house, and that’s precisely what she accomplished.

The mixed materials of the home’s exterior—including chalky stone and ebony, aluminum-clad Marvin Signature Ultimate windows—set the tone for a calming and eclectic experience. Inside, the living room beckons as the heart of the home. This is where Lewis, her husband, and their daughter snuggle on the couch after busy days. In this room the natural light spills in through Signature Ultimate narrow frame casement windows and multi-slide doors. The views deliver year-round California greenery, and Lewis deeply values that she can essentially open an entire wall of her home to blur the line between inside and out.
Another cherished space is the luminous hallway leading from the earth tone-filled living room to the bedrooms. Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows, the corridor radiates light and warmth. Lewis says the windows featured here were “a nonstarter for [her] when designing the home. It brings in all the natural light and we get the most gorgeous view of the yard from the hallways. I’ve always wanted to bring the outdoors inside our home, and this is one of my favorite ways we achieved that.”
The bedrooms themselves offer more exposure to the benefits of natural light. The Marvin Signature Ultimate windows and doors here, too, contribute to an effortless blending of indoors and out. Bringing in more soothing earth colors and vases of fresh or dried flowers are touches that give a nod to the farmhouse design.

Meanwhile, the bathroom echoes farmhouse vibes with exposed beams overhead, more gentle earth tones, and casement windows that swing open to let in soft breezes.
The kitchen and wrap-around dining nook truly pay homage to a Belgian farmhouse, with a sophisticated mix of stone backsplashes and metal hardware. More sleek casement windows frame the greenery beyond and suggest a rural atmosphere amid agriculture, even if the home itself is not situated in the countryside. The feeling you get from the views and interior space gives the impression of limitless space and possibility. As Lewis says, “The right windows change everything.”
“Natural light is an absolute necessity for me,” Lewis says. “I kid you not, it’s essential for my well-being. In fact, that’s one of the main things I consider when designing a home. I pay close attention to where the sun rises and sets, how the light moves through the day, and design around that. Windows and doors need to be in all the right places.”
With equal love for the interior of her home and the outdoors surrounding it, Lewis finds balance in embracing views, fresh air, and abundant natural light in her home. When you find property like this, it begs to be seen and enjoyed, and that’s exactly what Lewis has designed for in her family’s home.

Design by Amber Interiors, photography by Jess Isaac

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