Achieve Your Design Vision with a One-of-a-Kind Window Solution

Custom shaped windows can transform a dull drive-by home into the envy of the avenue.

October 10, 2022

There’s no law proclaiming that, “All windows must be rectangular.” Marvin has been building windows of all shapes and sizes for decades. Forward-thinking architects and home builders regularly incorporate custom shaped windows to enhance the form and improve the function of the homes they design and build. If you’re unfamiliar with custom shaped windows, here are some inspiring examples that will demonstrate how they can help you push the limits of design with confidence.

Flex Your Design Muscles

Round and arch top windows provide design flexibility that rectangular windows cannot. Instead of designing an entire house that consists of nothing but a series of straight angles, the availability of curved options allows architects to say “no” to 90 degrees and instead explore walls, roof lines, stairways, and other prominent elements that pleasantly stray from the straight and narrow.

Fill a Room With Fresh Air

Fresh air is important to our well-being. It’s good for our heart, benefits digestion, and boosts our immune system. We pretty much can’t live without it. Unfortunately, it’s a commonly held belief that all custom shaped windows are inoperable, and they are often overlooked because homeowners do not want to sacrifice a cool breeze for a cool window — but that’s simply not true. You can have your custom shaped window and open it too. Many of Marvin’s Signature™ Ultimate Specialty Shapes windows can be built to operate as tilt, pushout, or crank out windows while still maintaining an exceptional energy efficiency rating.

Go Modern

The ability to conform to the unique geometry associated with contemporary architecture makes custom shaped windows a perfect fit for adventurous design. Marvin can custom make windows with aluminum cladding that present a sleek modern appearance while meeting the exacting principles and standards of true modern architecture. Marvin also manufactures custom shaped windows with a durable fiberglass frame that delivers long-lasting thermal performance, narrow sightlines and large expanses of glass that can reach sizes up to 49 square feet.

Restore a Classic

When a property is subject to strict historic restoration requirements, new windows often need to match the originals. Marvin has the ability and experience to replicate vintage windows by matching irregular shapes, muntin sizes and configuration, and moulding profiles. Marvin has helped restore thousands of historic gems like this brewery built in 1887.

Create a Statement Piece

This stunning round window with a shelf built into the casing draws the attention of all house guests to the beautiful outdoor scenery. It’s an architectural statement piece that evokes a similar emotional response as an inspiring painting hung on the wall . But the subject matter in this piece of art has the advantage of changing with the seasons.

Bathe Favorite Spaces in Light

One obvious advantage of custom shaped windows is the ability to build a wall of glass in rooms with a vaulted or shed ceiling. People want to feel happier and healthier in the spaces where they spend the most time. Capturing more restorative natural light, increasing the flow of healthy fresh air, and taking advantage of those calming scenic views whenever possible, helps us to feel better in our homes.

Dress it Up

Choosing a custom shaped window does not have to be the end of your creative journey. Don’t be afraid to ornament your window with a tint, a texture, or any of the many other decorative glass options available. This gorgeous window is fitted with rain glass and custom leading.


Marvin can combine several custom shaped windows with unparallel fit and finish, and the Marvin craftsmen and women can execute any divided light pattern you can dream up by applying handcrafted expertise and a meticulous attention to detail. When these two elements come together in a thoughtful manner, the results can be breathtaking.

Don’t Ignore the Door

Building imaginative windows into a project is not the only way to scratch your nonlinear itch. The elegant curves on a Marvin Signature™ Ultimate Arch Top French Door can be a perfect complement to other design elements or can establish a stunning centerpiece all on its own. There’s just something about a classic arch top door that says, “Come on in.” Custom shaped side light and transom windows can also be created to accompany a standard door.

Embrace the Quirky

Custom shaped windows allow you to throw the architectural rulebook out the window — so to speak. Marvin can create a long lasting, custom window to fit most any curve, contour, or geometric form. The only limitation to the shape of a window is your imagination. If you can dream it, Marvin can build it.

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