Life at Roanoke

We have a manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia that creates Essential Collection windows and doors and Tecton products. In Roanoke, we develop and produce premium fiberglass composite products that provide our customers market advantage and we strive to be recognized as the most innovated designer and manufacturer of pultruded fiberglass product solutions.

Tecton Products is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information, or if you need assistance or accommodation in the application process, contact Human Resources at 701-277-0209.

About Roanoke

Winning as a Team: We focus on winning as a team, rather than only as individuals or functional groups. We are willing to help out wherever needed. We value flexibility and the willing attitude to get a job done.


By Innovating, We Create Value: We encourage creativity and see new ideas that change and improve our business. We are not afraid to take well-informed and responsible risk.


Pursuit of Excellence: We pursue excellence in all aspects of the business never settling for merely good. We focus on understanding the needs of our customers (internal and external) and hold ourselves accountable to providing top quality products and services. We want to provide our customers a “wow” experience.


Empowerment: We empower our associates to do the right thing and get things done. We value humble, trusting leadership that is committed to supporting them to reach their full potential and abilities.


Build Strong Relationships: We build the foundation from a strong and prosperous business by developing relationships based on trust, hones, integrity, and respect. It is important that our coworkers, customers, and suppliers know they can rely on us.


Demonstrate Accountability: We are accountable to each other and take ownership of our part. We are open and honest about our successes and failures.