In our manufacturing roles, your career path will be supported by an experienced team and hands-on training. You will be eligible for cross-training because it’s important to us that we help you build a career and grow in areas that interest you.

Our production areas are climate-controlled, and we pride ourselves on the measures we take to keep everything clean and organized. We are consistently recognized by OSHA as a leading safe workplace.

Explore Manufacturing Opportunities

Production Associate

Move around throughout the day using equipment to build beautiful windows and doors. Ensure each product meets quality standards. An experienced team will provide hands-on training to teach you how to safely craft our premium products.
Maintenance Technician

Troubleshoot and analyze manufacturing equipment to make necessary repairs. You’ll be an essential part of our team by ensuring machines, equipment, and overall facilities are well maintained.
Machine Operator

Solve problems, produce quality parts, and be part of a fast-paced team. Our machine operators help make our wood products. You’ll ensure our equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.
Controls Technician

Work closely with vendors, suppliers, engineers and project teams to facilitate the transfer of new equipment, technologies and products for our manufacturing facilities.

Meet Your Team

Better Living at Marvin

Marvin puts its people first. We are proud of the products we make and the work we do, but we are most proud of the employees who make it all possible. Our culture is built on generations of family values, and we live these values every day: Do the right thing; be stronger together; think differently; raise the bar; and believe it’s possible. As a premier company with locations across North America, we know we’re stronger together. Join us, and experience better living at Marvin.

“If you’ve never been in the manufacturing facility before, it’s nothing like what you think it’s going to be like. It’s extremely laid back. I get to learn about a lot of different machines and work on things I’ve personally never worked on before.”
-Walker, Machine Operator III
“I’ve worked at other manufacturing facilities where you get there, you put your AirPods in and you work your shift. You go home and nobody has talked throughout the day. At Marvin, it’s not like that at all. We communicate all day long. We laugh, we have fun at work, and we get stuff done.”
-Drew, Assistant Supervisor
“I’ve never been at a company that has made me feel like they actually do care about my career and my career development. I’ve just had jobs in the past. And I really feel like this is the first time I’m actually in a career.”
-Kyle, Trainer