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Lead and motivate your team while providing training and development opportunities to help your department grow. You’ll be an advocate for continuous improvement and safety while producing premium, quality products... View Jobs


An experienced training team will teach you how to safely use hand and power tools including saws, drills, and nail guns. You’ll be eligible for cross-training in this role because it’s important to us that we help you build a career and grow in the areas that interest you...View Jobs


Troubleshoot manufacturing equipment and make necessary repairs while ensuring equipment runs efficiently to improve productivity and reduce downtime. You’ll be an essential part of our team ensuring machines, equipment, and overall facilities are well maintained...View Jobs
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Fuel the problem solving, creative solutions, and collaboration needed to bring new ideas at Marvin to life. Discover a fulfilling career at a growing company that’s rooted in purpose...View Jobs

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Meet Fargo Leadership

Meet Chris Barta, Senior Director of Operations in Fargo. Having worked at Marvin for more than 30 years, Barta attests that the growth of the company has been remarkable and there’s lots of opportunity.

Life in Fargo

Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota located along the Red River. You might recognize the name from the 1996 film or TV series, Fargo, featuring thick Midwestern accents and a white, barren landscape. The accents are mildly accurate, and the landscape is relatively flat, but everything else about Fargo is completely unexpected. A thriving community packed with amazing food, art, culture, and fun things to do. Fargo isn’t just cool, it’s friendly too.

Marvin’s presence in Fargo has spanned over 20 years. Marvin is proud to do business and provide jobs in the Fargo area, manufacturing products with attention to craftsmanship, quality, performance, and durability. Currently, there are eight window and door plants located in the Fargo area. In these locations, you’ll find seasoned Marvin employees, with many having been part of the Marvin team for 20-plus years.

Marvin Open Skate
Marvin Open Skate

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