Student opportunities at Marvin are more than just a summer gig! Advance and grow as a professional when you apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to a real-world setting. Become a part of a welcoming, supportive team that gets you involved vs on the sideline, and provides opportunities for you to have a meaningful impact. You’ll enjoy a collaborative work environment, engaging company culture, and sense of community. Get ready! One successful summer could be just the start of your career at Marvin.

Your Future Starts Here


Our paid internship program is a curriculum-based, full-time commitment during the summer. Internships are typically a one-time assignment and may lead to an opportunity for part-time work during the school year.


Our paid co-op program focuses on experience-based learning during the school year with curriculum-related work assignments that can be tailored to a student schedule.

Student experience highlights

Learn what makes the student experience at Marvin one-of-a-kind.

Marvin interns volunteering in the community
Day of Service

Join your student peers at Marvin in giving back to the community! Marvin provides volunteer opportunities not only to students, but also to full-time employees through our Bright Squads.

Marvin interns socializing at a group event
Group Events

There are plenty of opportunities for getting to know your student peers during an internship or co-op experience at Marvin. Several fun group events are planned throughout the summer!

Marvin instructor guiding interns along the start of their career path
Build a Career

You’ll meet many professional contacts throughout your time at Marvin. Build a supportive network that will support you in your academic and professional career.

Working at Marvin

Learn about the company, culture, and why Marvin is a great place to work.

Students At Marvin: in their own words

Grow your career

The Marvin internship and co-op experience is unlike any other. Just ask students from our 2022, 2023 classes.

“My internship experience has been great. My supervisor has shown great leadership, listens when I have questions or have an idea and explains and teaches new materials very well.”

“This has been an exceptional internship. I’m treated like a full time engineer, which gives me confidence when asked to complete a project. The professionalism between the individuals really makes me value Marvin's work culture and the people they bring in.”

“I have enjoyed the trust and responsibility that leaders at Marvin give to interns. You can tell they truly care about us and want us to succeed.”

“The culture and my team are unbeatable. Everyone is so kind, welcoming, and friendly! It's nice to work with people that have similar values as mine. I am learning a lot about testing and am so glad to have this opportunity.”

“ I am learning a lot about how to manage my projects. The people and the culture at Marvin is enjoyable, I feel I can ask questions and I will always get a respectful answer.”

“The people here are absolutely amazing and I love how well Marvin takes care of its employees. I have learned how to use new software and how to communicate in a professional setting. I have also grown my creative problem solving abilities.”