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Contemporary casual meets rugged historic farmhouse

Best in Show

“The mixture of forms here creates a fantastic variety of spaces, from the dramatic contemporary two-story box to the sloped roof ‘coziness’ of the farmhouse environment. The windows pull together the architecture. A great combination!”- Bill Devereaux

Folly Farm is a contemporary expression of historic, additive farmhouse-style architecture. The energetic, creative clients wanted a contemporary design, with casual spaces for their young family to create, play and find inspiration. To achieve these goals, forms, spaces and finishes were composed. They combining old and new, rich textures, with simple, yet age-old formal geometries.

Not many projects can be described as “rugged” and “contemporary” in the same sentence, or as having “character” and “clean lines.” This project seems to transcend those boundaries in a compelling way, for a beautiful, fluid outcome. The peaceful surroundings provided the perfect opportunity to explore the interplay between interior and exterior space.

Marvin windows were incorporated in the home design to match the balance of modern and antique styles through quality, color and grill design. Unique features offered by Marvin that made the difference include custom mullions, extra large transoms—some as large as 6’0” x 6’0”, and specially ganged units.

Take a tour with a video of the Folly Farm project on our StoryBuilders page.

Marvin Products Used:

Ultimate Awning Window
Ultimate Casement Window
Ultimate Swinging French Door

Photography by: Emily Minton Redfield & Surround Architecture


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