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Houzz makes building a professional website easier than pounding a nail

By Berit Griffin February 26, 2014


Designing and building a 4,000-square-foot American Craftsman? No problem.

Designing and building a professional website optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile? Now that’s a challenge.

Digital marketing is now more important than ever for building professionals. That’s why a sharp and intuitive website can’t be overlooked, especially with the number of digital natives entering the housing market. Forget “out of sight, out of mind” — these days, it’s “no website, out of mind.” has built a massive following by allowing building professionals to showcase their best work and buyers and owners to find design inspiration. But now, is offering a new service that helps building professionals set up a gorgeous and information-rich website (like the one above) in just a few steps.

As the video below this post explains, Site Designer by Houzz aggregates a user’s photos, background and contact information into one sleek professional site that looks gorgeous on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

You can sign up to receive an invitation for Houzz’s Site Developer by clicking here.