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Legends of Architecture

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsAugust 3, 2015

Not too long ago we reflected on Frank Lloyd Wright’s lasting legacy within the architectural world. His prolific work includes everything from private homes to museums, and his influence led to the institution of Prairie School Architecture,…Read More


The Villa Renewed: The Architects Challenge Showdown winner speaks

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJuly 30, 2015

The results are in and the Architects Challenge Showdown winner is the Villa Renewed. This gorgeous home looks and is traditional (the architect had to jump through some hoops to meet historic code requirements) but hides a few modern secrets. We…Read More


Made in America: Iconic Products from the U.S.A.

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsJuly 27, 2015

Marvin Windows and Doors is known for its craftsmanship and rich legacy of producing high-quality and innovative products that are a result of the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of the people who work right here in the United States. In recent…Read More


New Spin on Outdoor Living

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsJuly 22, 2015

Our current New Spin On A Classic campaign, which celebrates Marvin’s innovation on the classic double hung window, has us thinking about other areas that could use a breath of fresh air. More than any other season, summer is when homeowners look to…Read More


Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung: Talking with an expert

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJuly 21, 2015

You may have heard us talking about Marvin’s new Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung a lot lately, and for a good reason. First, the double hung is one of the oldest windows around. And this year, Marvin decided it was time to…Read More

New Spin on a Classic: Behind the Band

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJuly 16, 2015

If you’ve had the newly re-invented “I Can See for Miles” going through your heads, you’re definitely not the only one. It’s a tried-and-true classic, with The Highfields’ unique take on it. Take a look at the…Read More

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The Mighty Manufacturing Sector

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsJuly 13, 2015

When George Marvin established Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company back in 1912, it’s unlikely anyone could’ve predicted the impact that American manufacturers like his Warroad company – which became Marvin Windows and Doors in the…Read More

Link Love

Link Love: High tech homes

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJuly 7, 2015

Technology’s use in the home is evolving beyond the smart thermostat. We’ve rounded up some of the latest home tech trends for you! Live Anywhere in This Portable, Egg-Shaped Tiny Home That Runs on Renewable Energy Slate “The…Read More

Architects Challenge Showdown: Top Five

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsJuly 6, 2015

Things are really heating up in our Architects Challenge Showdown! From the 140 inspiring entries, only five remain. Who will win the coveted prize of Showdown champion? That’s for you to decide! We’re shining the spotlight on the five remaining…Read More

I Can See For Miles

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJuly 2, 2015

“The greatest artists – whether they are window designers or musicians – must continue to evolve, while staying true to the key elements that made the original versions so powerful. The same is true about the introduction of our Next Generation…Read More

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