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ASID Showcase Home Tour

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsOctober 5, 2015

Minneapolis is known as the “City of Lakes” (did you know there are actually more than 10,000 throughout the entire state of Minnesota?), and Minneapolitans are able to take advantage of lots of time on the water throughout the warmer…Read More

Green Hills Residence 2

Architects Challenge: Green Hills Residence

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 30, 2015

New construction is often associated with contemporary design. After all, if you want to build new, you want the newest in design, right? Not so fast! New construction is a great way to have the exact design you want–including traditional…Read More

Frist Hall_Dining

Back to School: Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall at Currey Ingram Academy

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 28, 2015

It’s September, and that means crisp weather, fall colors, and going back to school. Marvin’s commercial experience and capabilities in restoration and new building mean that we are frequently sought after for educational facilities. To…Read More


Signature Services: The Mark of an Original

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 23, 2015

When you hear the word “signature” what springs to mind? For us, it means taking on the most challenging, most innovative, most “can-this-even-be-done?” projects out there. Our Signature Services department handles the most…Read More


Back to School: Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 21, 2015

Continuing with our coverage of schools in celebration of back to school, we’re featuring a beautiful rural campus with a unique challenge… Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus in Vermont charged their architects and builders (…Read More


Back to School: Russell T. Joy Building

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 16, 2015

Watching the Instagram and Facebook feeds of our friends and colleagues these past couple of weeks, it’s been fun to see all the kiddos dolled up for their first day of school. In honor of this occasion, we thought it would be a good time to…Read More

Loretta Building 8

Architects Challenge: The Loretta Building

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 3, 2015

We’ve shown you some beautiful homes from the Architects Challenge so far, but good architecture goes beyond houses. Beautifully designed commercial projects can change the look and feel of a street, neighborhood or city. We were proud to honor…Read More

Adirondack Camp 1

Architects Challenge: Adirondack Camp

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsSeptember 2, 2015

When it comes to remodeling, it’s easy to do more harm than good. That’s why you need a good architect on your side, who can sensitively design a renovation or addition that fits in with your home’s character, and your lifestyle.…Read More

ADIRONDACK CAMP | Architect's Challenge Best Remodel/Addition Winner 2015

Winning Home Trends from the Architects Challenge

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsAugust 31, 2015

Another year of the Marvin Architects Challenge is in the books, and this year’s collection of projects did not disappoint! With grand spaces and unique placements of Marvin windows and doors, this year’s winners were diverse and boasted a range of…Read More

Marvin pulp wood

The Man Who Started it All

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsAugust 17, 2015

The Marvin Companies have a century-long heritage of service, craftsmanship and quality with a focus on all-out performance – ideals that originated with George G. Marvin, and have continued through the endeavors of his children, grandchildren,…Read More

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