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Cabins We Love on “Log Cabin Day”

Sam Tuttle, Marvin WindowsJune 29, 2015

Roughly 200 years ago, Americans moved west, leaving the East Coast and venturing into untouched wilderness, settling in forests that reside in present-day states such as Tennessee and Ohio, and eventually moving further west. Life was rustic and…Read More


Architects Challenge Showdown: Almost the Final Round

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 26, 2015

The Architects Challenge Showdown is still in full swing and only a few days remain until we see who the final five competitors are. Every single project is an architectural marvel, so you simply can’t go wrong with who you vote for. Since we…Read More


Luxury Home Tour: A modern marvel on the river

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 23, 2015

We’re finishing up our home tours with a final Luxury Home Tour visit to a gorgeous contemporary house in Lakeland Shores, Minn. on the St. Croix River. This modern beauty, the creation of Bruce Lenzen Design/Build features windows and…Read More


Reconfiguring With Windows

Marvin WindowsJune 22, 2015

This year has seen an incredible surge in remodeling projects from homeowners — an amount that hasn’t been experienced since 2007! ProBuilder reports more than a third of these projected projects will involve updates to windows, which…Read More

PB_Marvin_Special Shapes_Narrow Window (1) (1)

Window Trends To Watch

Marvin WindowsJune 19, 2015

Once an afterthought of the construction process, today’s windows have become an integral part of both new and remodeled home projects. We are noticing larger windows that break barriers of exterior and interior living, increased functionality as…Read More


A new old home on the lake

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 18, 2015

We’re back on the Luxury Home Tour trail, and headed back out to one of the Twin Cities’ favorite lakes to see another gorgeous home. Located in Minnetrista, this home blends together historic tradition and modern convenience. On Lake…Read More


Lake Living in Wayzata: Luxury and Artisan Home Tours

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 10, 2015

In the Twin Cities, we are lucky enough to have two great home tours going on! The Luxury Home Tour and the Artisan Home Tour both allow us to get a peek inside some pretty gorgeous homes and get ideas for our own projects. Last week we visited…Read More


Reflecting on Frank Lloyd Wright's lasting legacy

Marvin WindowsJune 9, 2015

[Pictured above: A 2011 Architect’s Challenge winner that was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright] Frank Lloyd Wright was arguably one of the most influential American architects of the 20th century. This month, in honor of what would’ve been…Read More


What's the deal with windows in hurricane zones?

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 3, 2015

The southern part of Florida is known for some of the fiercest storms and hurricanes in the country. So it’s no surprise that southern Florida trade pros are top-notch experts on building safe and sustainable homes located in hurricane zones.…Read More

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A Coastal Resurgence: The Atlantic Road Renovation

Berit Griffin, Marvin WindowsJune 2, 2015

Over the years, we have had many beautiful entries into the Architects Challenge, and with the start of Hurricane Season upon us, we wanted to feature one of the many beautiful coastal homes that have featured some of Marvin’s Coastal products…Read More

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