A company’s heritage is built on vision, determination and an abiding commitment to core beliefs. At Marvin, our heritage of excellence goes back more than a century. It reflects an unwavering dedication to quality, service, innovation and community. That dedication has been passed on through four generations of family leadership. And thousands of our skilled workers have been steeped in our heritage through a lifetime of family connections to our company and the communities we proudly call home.


What we are today is the legacy of a father and a son: two remarkable men who built a world-class company in the remote woodlands of northern Minnesota. George Marvin and his son, William S. “Bill” Marvin, lived by an old-fashioned code of honesty, hard work and service to their neighbors. We’re proud to uphold that code today.


Marvin is owned and operated by the third and fourth generations of the Marvin family. Their name is on the products – but more importantly, their souls are in the business. Now, as leaders of one of the world’s premier window and door companies, the Marvin family members bear responsibility for the future of this business and the well-being of its nearly 4,500 employees in five states. It’s a responsibility they’ve gladly devoted their lives to.


Our earliest employees were farmers, lumbermen and fishermen from northern Minnesota. They knew how to solve problems and get a job done better and more efficiently. Although we now have engineers and scientists on our staff, we’ve never lost that frontier ingenuity. We’re always looking for ways to make our products perform better, last longer and make our customers’ lives easier.


That’s a wrap! A recap of our final day of The International Builders' Show (IBS...

That’s a wrap! A recap of our final day of The International Builders' Show (IBS): http://bit.ly/1zD0YWO #IBSVegas #MarvinWindows

2015 IBS: Day 3 ...