Living well with light, air, and views

People spend more time indoors now than ever before. We believe our indoor spaces should help us connect to each other and to the world around us. We believe in spaces where we can recharge and escape, places that make us feel healthy, safe, and secure. That’s why we interviewed thousands of homeowners and industry professionals. We learned from sleep scientists, technologists, light specialists, hygge experts, and even astronauts. We conducted extensive research in Copenhagen, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Alaska. These conversations and research have led us to develop new-to-the-world products designed to support happier, healthier living.

Composite image of person holding their hands out with light shining upon them and palm trees


Healthy biological rhythms need the right kind of light at the right time to boost your mood, enhance sleep, and support productivity. There’s a real connection between light and our health. Sleep scientists understand that natural light promotes daily rhythm, which can help regulate hormonal balance, appetite, sleep, productivity, and energy levels, thereby impacting not only physical health but also emotional and social well-being.

Composite image of woman enjoying the outside air and view of a field in the country


We are committed to finding new ways to bring fresh air more thoughtfully into your favorite spaces. High levels of indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ozone, radon, and carbon monoxide can be reduced simply by increasing the amount of outdoor air circulating through your home.

Composite of clouds and trees with sun shining through


Views of the outside world give us a sense of place and calm. And connecting the indoors to the outside world builds a sense of optimism, boosts our mood, and provides energy that helps us live better. Marvin products are inspired by how people live and bring a feeling of quality and wellness into every room.

"Natural light is a must, it's critical to my well-being.”


“Beautiful views through large expanses of glass make me feel relaxed and in-tune with nature.”


“Fresh air brings renewed attitudes.”