Historic Summit Avenue residence receives a full renovation

Kitchen With Ultimate Windows

The complete renovation of the duplex on located on Saint Paul’s 4.5-mile-long Summit Avenue—one of the country’s premier and best-preserved historic residential boulevards-- resulted in a home that successfully combines historic preservation and modern sustainability.

Because of the historic nature of the property, the builders had to meet strict requirements from the local Heritage Preservation Commission to maintain the home’s 1924 Mediterranean Revival style. The three-year, top-to-bottom renovation of this duplex created two luxurious condominiums in a building crumbling from years of deferred maintenance. As a contributing structure in local and National Register historic districts, the exterior work was accomplished within the parameters of the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines for rehabilitation.

The design, led by David Heide Design Studio, carefully integrated old and new elements that reflects that the building is now home to two families with distinct needs and aesthetic preferences. The owners desired timeless design and technologies to last another hundred years. Inspired by these opportunities as well, Mark Nelson created a sustainable project in a historic context, to take something from the past and make it viable and desirable for the future, and to breathe new life into this historic building by reworking and renewing it for modern family living. While the renewed house retains its historic character and integrity, it also features rainwater collection and geothermal heating and cooling systems and a modern building envelope: advanced materials, closed-cell spray foam insulation, and quality windows.

Marvin provided new, energy-efficient windows and doors that replicate the configuration, scale, proportion, profile, and appearance of the numerous types of windows and doors—and met the Heritage Preservation Commission’s exacting standards. With a great variety of products and endless customization options, Marvin also provided the flexibility to allow for creative design solutions, particularly with new and revised portions of the building.

In this duplex, Marvin windows and doors proudly, yet discreetly, take their place in this historic building, on this historic avenue, in this historic district.


Marvin Architects Challenge Award Winner


Architect: David Heide Design