The Salisbury School

An exterior photo of The Salisbury School's Centennial Humanities Building featuring Marvin Ultimate windows.

Joining old school aesthetic with new school technology.

When planning the renovation and construction of the Centennial Humanities Building and new Phinny Library of the Salisbury School in Salisbury, CT, the design team wanted the windows to be dignified enough to blend with the architecture of this venerable 19th-century institution and generous enough to showcase the scenic views of the Berkshire Foothills.


As the demand for incorporating beauty and performance in commercial buildings continues to grow, wood and clad-wood windows can provide superior craftsmanship at unbeatable commercial standards. This project featured Marvin Signature Ultimate Round Top, Cottage-style, and Picture windows. The vision was to combine old school appeal with new school technology. The results: stunning wood windows flooding classrooms with sunlight while providing the durability to withstand the New England weather.


In commercial buildings like this one, products like Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Magnum windows, make it possible to bring in more natural light and create a historic look without sacrificing performance. “The Ultimate Double Hung Magnum is exciting because it’s the first wood window to offer incredibly large sizes that perform to commercial standard. This product gives building professionals the opportunity to use large, wood windows where they previously had to use an alternate material to meet performance requirements,” explains Thomas Goetz, product planner for Marvin.


A high-quality, spiral balance system allows the Ultimate Double Hung Magnum to achieve easy, smooth operation. The constant force of the spiral balance system, which meets AAMA 902-99 Class 5 specification, creates even pressure to provide minimal effort whether opening or closing the window. The spiral balance system will adjust up to 10 pounds for fine tuning and carries over 70 percent of the sash weight. Typical double hung balance systems carry only 30 percent of the sash weight.


The Ultimate Double Hung Magnum has superior performance against air, water, and structural infiltration. The window meets a commercial design pressure rating of H-C50 for window openings nearly 5 feet wide and 9 feet high, as certified by the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA). Larger sizes are available at a commercial design pressure rating of H-C30.


The Ultimate Double Hung Magnum achieves its traditional look through several design features, including an interior stop system, which results in minimally exposed vinyl, weather-stripping, and interior fasteners. Beautifully designed shadow lines on the wood or clad exterior and a tall bottom rail provide further aesthetic appeal in creating a traditional, robust wood window appearance.


As part of the Ultimate Double Hung product line, the Ultimate Double Hung Magnum has numerous options to provide design flexibility including several wood species, divided lite choices, 19 clad colors, and glazing options such as Low E2 with argon gas. The Ultimate Double Hung Magnum has a rich, warm, wood interior and a durable, extruded aluminum clad exterior for an unbeatable combination of strength and beauty. Marvin’s extruded aluminum cladding resists chipping, chalking, and fading, with a commercial-grade finish that exceeds the industry’s highest, AAMA 2605-02 specification.


Additional options for the Ultimate Double Hung Magnum include extruded panning and casing accessories, custodial locks, sash limiters for added safety, and thick subsills for a more distinct, traditional look. With recent innovations in window sizes and technology, commercial buildings no longer have to compromise on the look and options available with wood and clad-wood windows to meet performance requirements.


  • The four-story, Neo-Georgian-style Centennial Humanities building features dormer windows with 7/8" Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) with spacer bars. The central cupola provides natural light that ties together the two upper floors, creating a sense of unity between distinctly different areas.
  • In the center of the Phinny Library, a stunning series of Marvin windows and doors flows along rounded walls filling an arched rotunda with sunlight and natural wood.

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Architect: The Office of Michael Rosenfeld, Inc.