Exterior of Saint Cecilia Motherhouse convent in Nashville, Tennessee featuring Marvin Ultimate windows.

Over 700 new and custom windows help revive this iconic institution. 

By the year 2000, the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville suffered from many structural and safety problems. Unless major improvements were made, insurance coverage would be withdrawn. Bids were sought for a three-phase project: a substantial addition, a new chapel, and the complete renovation of the 84,000 square-foot original Motherhouse, the earliest wing of which was built in 1860.

While the new construction phase was huge, involving more than 300 windows, the renovation project was the most complex with approximately 440 custom-built windows in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Many of the custom builds were massive and required unique design solutions, including challenging replication details. Jamb depth, window widths, heights, and shapes, varied widely. Custom panning was used throughout the renovation, covering existing peeling and rotting sills and jambs of varying widths with a maintenance-free aluminum surface.


• Over 400 custom-built windows were built for the renovation phase.

• In addition to the complete renovation of this historic convent, a new, 100,000 square-foot chapel was constructed.

• This project required customization, craftsmanship, and design ingenuity on a massive scale.

• Marvin replicated 22 highly unique “angel wing” Authentic Divided Lite windows.

• Magnum Single Hung Variation #6 Round Top windows stand almost 12' high.

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Architect: Jim Thompson
Architecture Firm: Fowlkes and Associates Architects