Prefab in Palm Springs

A family home for Turkel Design founders Joel and Meelena Turkel, Axiom Desert House features the Turkel signature post-and-beam construction and an open great room with a private courtyard. Acting as a Living Lab for Turkel Design and its partners, the home features Marvin windows and doors that frame views with modern lines and create open spaces to let light and air flow.

“The living platform, for me, is my favorite spot in the house and I think it’s probably going to be our family’s favorite spot, too, because it feels so special,” Meelena said. “We’ve wanted to include a living platform in one of our projects for well over a decade, but it’s just been a bit of a hard sell for clients. Now, when you see it and you see how the doors just slide into the pockets and it opens up the entire frame of that daybed, I don’t think it’s going to be a hard sell anymore,” she jokingly laughs. “I love that our girls have already taken to it, and it makes sense. You’re closer to the sun and fresh air—you’re more central on the site. It just feels right.”
— Meelena Turkel