Druid Hill Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland, featuring Marvin Ultimate windows.

New Solutions to Match Old Elegance.

A $4.8 million renovation of the Druid Hill Conservatory in Baltimore included the construction of two new smaller greenhouse structures. These north and south pavilions were designed to harmonize with the elevated style of the original Victorian structure, the Palm House. Specifications for the new greenhouses were written from the Palm House renovation window specs in order to echo the dimensioning, design, and rhythm of the older, main conservatory structure. Marvin was awarded the public bid contract, pending proof of their ability to meet the engineering and performance criteria and to match the custom clad color, Druid Hill Cream.


Specifications called for tempered insulated glass with Simulated Divided Lites, and window performance had to stand up to thermal changes inside buildings that were adjusted based on seasonal exhibits. In addition, custom flashing and panning needed to be worked out, and the anchorage structural system required custom engineering. Marvin Signature Services, the architect, dealer, and the contractor worked closely together to deliver the most effective solutions.


• Marvin Signature Services provided a comprehensive system that functioned effectively, met performance criteria, and resolved design challenges.

• Units were produced with custom color cladding, custom casing to match existing casing, and clad milled plates to replicate existing round tops.

• The Marvin Signature Services team figured out flashing details and engineered structural and anchoring specifications, working within a design that presented several dimensionality challenges.


Architect: Waldon Studio Architects

Southway Builders