Retreat in Maine Provides Expansive Views and Maximizes Light

Contemporary Cabin With Marvin Essential Windows

This weekend and summer retreat in Poland, Maine, is a compact 1,000 square feet filled with natural light. Its high-quality and budget-friendly windows highlight the surrounding beauty while resisting solar heat gain.

Marvin Essential Casement and Awning windows balance thermal efficiency and economy. Essential windows are built to withstand temperature extremes and are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which can save 7 to 15 percent on energy bills compared to non-qualified products. The pultruded fiberglass structure is tough, durable, non-corrosive, and low-maintenance. Clean design and narrow profiles enhance the cottage’s sleek, contemporary style.

With its small footprint and mix of natural and dark colors, the cottage blends into the landscape while also bringing the landscape inside with expansive views and maximum light.


Red Diamond Achiever Program


Architect: David Matero Architecture

Dealer: Hammond Lumber

Distributor: AW Hastings