Tilt Turn & Hopper Windows

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What are Tilt Turn & Hopper Windows?

What are Hopper Windows?

The sash of a hopper window is hinged at the bottom and tilts into the home. It is operated with either a crank or a handle. Because the only access to outside is a smaller opening at the very top of the window, hoppers provide effective fall protection. Hopper windows feature top-side venting, which is an efficient way to clear a room of hot air. Hopper windows create a distinctive architectural aesthetic.

What are Tilt Turn Windows?

Tilt turn windows offer European styling and can deliver large unobstructed views similar to a casement window. A tilt and turn has two distinct functions: the top of the sash can tilt in like a hopper window or the entire sash can swing in like a door. With the top of the window tilted in, a tilt turn window can provide topside ventilation and prevent strong winds from blowing objects off tables and countertops. When swung wide open, a tilt turn window can capture even the slightest breeze. They also create a large egress opening for occupants to escape through in case of an emergency. The swing function also enables access to both sides of the glass for easy cleaning.

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