Mulls and accessories to create almost anything you can imagine

Nothing makes a statement quite like a large window wall. That’s why we offer a range of mulls, mulling accessories, tools, and kits to help builders and architects feel confident specifying, planning and installing even the most ambitious designs.

High design meets high performance in Marvin mulling solutions

Marvin® Windows and Doors is constantly expanding our products, tools, and techniques to help you bring even the most ambitious designs to life. We’ve introduced mulls that will allow for larger certified assemblies with greater expanses of glass, and new tools and kits that make specifying, ordering and installation easier than ever. And, as always, Marvin Architectural Services is there to support you every step of the way.

Stay at the forefront of design with our Contemporary Frame and Full Frame 3/8” MRF

Our new Contemporary Frame MRF (mull reinforcement) is the perfect complement to our Contemporary Studio line of products, allowing narrower sightlines without compromising on performance. We’ve also redesigned and upgraded our 3/8” Full Frame MRF, making it 25% stronger in order to support larger sizes for AAMA 450 certified assemblies.

Push the limits of possible with larger certified assemblies

Homeowners are asking for more dramatic window walls with larger expanses of glass. Marvin is helping you deliver with our vastly expanded range of certified sizes. We’re also making it easier to specify and order by including all PG (performance grade) ratings in the Architectural Detail Manuals’ mulling section.

Prep for Field Mull

Even the most experienced builders can find field mulling a challenge. That’s why Marvin introduced Prep for Field Mull. With Prep for Field Mull, window walls that won’t fit on a truck if mulled in factory will be delivered in large sub-assemblies. All mull components that can be applied in factory will be. All necessary components will be included automatically in the ordering system. And all components will be cut to length or near length for quick assembly on-site. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions, and your assembly will be AAMA 450 certified.

We take the guesswork out of certification with readily available Performance Grade information

Now you’ll find everything you need to understand your proposed assembly’s PG rating in the mulling section of our Architectural Detail Manuals (ADM) and in our ordering system.

Integrity delivers the flexibility you want with the performance you need

Now you can create certified mulled assemblies across the breadth of Integrity® Windows and Doors’ innovative product line. Integrity mulling solutions combine the durability and strength of Ultrex® fiberglass with the versatility, service and expertise you’d expect.

All Ultrex, Wood-Ultrex, or both. Now the choice is yours

With the addition of Wood-Ultrex® certified mulls to our already robust All Ultrex® line, you have more options than ever to create the look you want with the performance you need.

The right option when you need more than one option

Integrity certified mulls are particularly well-suited to multi-use commercial applications. The warm, real wood interior of Wood-Ultrex is perfect for retail storefront windows, and the durable, low maintenance of All Ultrex is ideal for residential units.

Learn more about our Marvin mulling specifications in the Architectural Detail Manual

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The difference is our expertise

The experts at Marvin are experienced in working with architects, builders, and homeowners to help your vision become a reality.

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