The Washington Post: Vern Yip on Modern

April 12, 2019

The Washington Post featured an article by Vern Yip, an architect, interior designer and TLC/HGTV host. Yip describes the rise in popularity of modern homes, a shift he has witnessed firsthand. He remembers when modern homes stayed on the market as buyers leaned more towards traditional styles. In recent years, the appeal of modern design has grown substantially, and continues to do so.

A key element of modern design, found in the Marvin Signature Modern line, is large expanses of glass to let light in. Yip quotes Christine Marvin, director of corporate strategy and design at Marvin: “People are innately drawn toward light, and windows and doors play a huge role in how much natural light enters the interior spaces of a home,” she said. “No matter the location, our research supports the conclusion that spaces with ample light, as well as a connection to the outdoors, allow homeowners to more readily recharge and relax.”

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