Marvin Announces Revolutionary New Products that Foster Happier, Healthier Living

January 20, 2020

Marvin Skycove, an Immersive Glass Alcove and Marvin Awaken, a Smart Skylight, Deliver Light and Air in New Ways

WARROAD, Minn. (Jan. 20, 2020) — After years of in-depth consumer and industry research on spaces and well-being, Marvin will preview two new products at the 2020 International Builders’ Show: Marvin Skycove and the Marvin Awaken Skylight. Both completely new concepts, designs and constructions, they deliver on the company’s purpose to imagine and create better ways of living, giving homeowners new ways to connect and experience light, air and their environments.

Marvin Skycove is a fully constructed glass pop-out structure that expands interior space and provides a comfortable, cozy place to gather. This pre-engineered solution is unlike anything on the market today. Also an industry first, the digitally connected Marvin Awaken Skylight is the only skylight to offer the comfort of tunable light anytime, efficient and automated ventilation to help improve indoor air quality, and a design-forward profile in large sizes that creates a seamless view to the outdoors.

“In modern life, we spend a lot of our time indoors. Marvin is a company that has always focused on improving our experiences in our homes and the spaces around us, and we believe we’re in a unique position to impact how we harness light, views and air in new ways,” said Paul Marvin, CEO. “Marvin Skycove and the Marvin Awaken Skylight are products so different and forward-thinking, we had a hard time classifying them – since they take such a new approach to delivering on people’s desire for happier and healthier living.”

Marvin Skycove and Marvin Awaken were developed in the company’s new Design Lab following extensive research generating insights from professionals in the industry, homeowners, and unexpected sources like astronauts, sleep scientists and Danish hygge experts. The Marvin Design Lab is charged with understanding people’s desires based on insights and creating innovative products that meet those needs.

Both products will be available in select areas starting in mid-2020. Additionally, Marvin will launch a virtual reality experience later this year to engage professionals, allowing them to explore how Marvin Skycove and Awaken complete their vision.

“These new to market products were born out of insights into how people want to live, a desire for spaces where we can clear our minds and recharge from the busy, fast-paced and digitally connected world we live in. They say seeing is believing, but in this case, experiencing is believing,” said Christine Marvin, vice president of strategy + design.

Marvin Skycove
Marvin Skycove creates a space for light, comfort and connection through a fully constructed, projected-glass box structure that can comfortably seat one or more people to extend functional living space. The product is the first of its kind in the U.S. building industry that’s available fully constructed and suitable for a wide range of projects. Key features of Marvin Skycove include:

  • Connection: Sightlines under 3 inches, including vertical posts, create a seamless connection to the outdoors and more light than traditional rough openings. The cantilevered structure provides unique, elevated vantage points and the top glass opens the view to the sky above.
  • Valuable space: Carefully selected sizing makes the space comfortable for one or more. The integrated bench offers 16 to 20 square feet of usable space, extending the home’s footprint.
  • Modern aesthetic: A minimal, geometric aesthetic and glass on all sides offers more immersive panoramic views than a traditional bay or bow window.
  • Flexible design: An aluminum interior provides a clean aesthetic, and its seating bench can be finished to suit any home style. The frame includes a built-in recess for shade solutions if more privacy is desired.
  • Comfort: Carefully chosen and tested materials, bottom insulation, proprietary high-density fiberglass exterior and dual or optional triple-pane glass. Low E3 glass is standard to reduce solar heat gain.
  • Performance: A patent-pending steel structure is independently certified and designed to hold a heavier load than the average outdoor deck without additional structural support. A 4-degree sloped, flush-glazed roof with waterproofing flange protects the structure from water infiltration. The product is also certified and warrantied by Marvin.
  • Worry-free installation: Arrives on the job site fully assembled. Installation takes less than a day and no additional pieces or parts are required.

Marvin Awaken Skylight
Marvin Awaken is an automated and customizable skylight that maximizes access to light, air and unobstructed views. Key features of the Marvin Awaken Skylight include:

  • Extended sunlight: Soft, tunable LED lighting mimics the soft glow of daylight long after the sun has set.
  • Smart venting: Help regulate indoor temperatures and air quality automatically with intelligent rain and environmental sensors that determine the best times to be open and when to close.
  • Automatic operation: Homeowners can operate the skylight and indicate preferences through a user-friendly Marvin app, voice control through smart home systems like Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings, or a simple wall switch that eliminates manual operation.
  • Screen and shades: Keep bugs and debris out with a unique hidden perimeter screen that doesn’t interfere with outdoor views. Control the sun with sleek, built-in blackout or light filtering shades with the tap of a finger.
  • Sleek aesthetics: A narrow frame design creates a clean look with minimal interruption to the glass.
  • Design flexibility: Sizes up to 48 inches wide and 90 inches tall are the largest on the market, and optional features for ventilation, supplemental lighting and shading, curb- or deck-mounting provide all of the options professionals need to meet project needs.

Additionally, the company is introducing the Marvin Skylight, a fixed unit that brings more natural light into homes with the same beauty and craftsmanship professionals and homeowners expect from Marvin.

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About Marvin
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