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"Yogi" helps reinforce family-style values at Marvin Windows and Doors


Gerald Koble has been with Marvin for nearly 25 years, but a lot of his co-workers don’t even know his name. That’s because everyone just calls him “Yogi.” Yogi supervises nearly 40 people as the lead on our Ultimate Casement line, overseeing the production of one of our most successful new products. For Yogi, his co-workers really are like a second family. “You get so close to people, so attached,” he said. “You want to help people, encourage them. I want to see people smile. It’s my job to make this a good place for them.” It’s also his job to make great windows for our customers. And because of the values ingrained in the organization, that’s no problem, Yogi said. “We give accountability to our people. That experience is what makes our windows flow out the door,” he said. “You can put that person with 20 years’ experience next to the new person. And they’re going to teach that new person. They’re very good at saying, ‘I’ve been here. I’ve done that. I want to show you.’ And that knowledge keeps going on for years and years and years. “Those are the people who have made us what we are.”