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Windows from Integrity used for first-ever HGTV Smart Home in Coastal Florida


A team of top architects and designers have been busy at work on the first-ever HGTV Smart Home, a high-tech luxury home built on Paradise Key South Beach in Florida (just south of St. Petersburg.) The location of the home is important because the constant threat of destructive hurricanes forced the design team to think about durability in a major way.

The “smart” in HGTV’s Smart Home is a particular point of pride to Florida builder Glenn Layton.

“Before smart was smart, (my business partner) and I were using this term to describe best building practices: What’s the smart thing to do?” Layton says. “Are we going to do something because it looks better, or are we going to do something because it’s the right way to do it? The house, it’s not going to be an easy build, but it’s going to be a great build.”

Needing windows that offer beauty and brawn, the team chose Integrity. In the video above, you will see a wide variety of Integrity windows used throughout the home to continue the clean, sophisticated look while offering breathtaking surrounding coastal views.

We’re certainly flattered Integrity meets the smart standard for Layton and his team.