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WDMA Chairman Urges Investments in Existing Housing Stock


There’s been a lot of talk about building new, green industry. But America can take some big steps toward a greener future by reinvesting in our existing housing stock to promote energy efficiency.

That’s according to Steven Tourek, senior vice president and general counsel for Marvin Windows and Doors. Tourek is also president of the Tropical Forest Foundation and chairman of the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

“When you look at the stock of housing in this country, much of it was built before 1990 — when we saw the first generation of low-emissivity glass,” Tourek said. “We’re now in the third generation of low-E glass.

“We have the people and technology to retrofit and save enormous amounts of energy,” he said. “It doesn’t require building new plants, huge capital investments or training an entire new work force. We can help deliver energy security for America by investing in our existing housing stock for greater energy efficiency.”

Tourek said the WDMA is working with the Obama administration, the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to move policy along this track, “creating quality jobs that will last beyond the recovery.”

Tourek noted that 93 percent of Marvin’s products contain the most energy-efficient glass options, compared with an industry average of 58 percent. “And the 7 percent that don’t are because architects and builders specified them that way,” he said. “Our customer base is ahead of the curve.”