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Video: Inside Every Marvin Window


Starting in 1912, Marvin Windows and Doors has committed to providing the best made-to-order wood window in the industry. But the commitment doesn’t start and stop with the window construction, Marvin staff work on architectural support, customer service, product support, research and development, sustainability and more.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes work of the dedicated Marvin staff, a thriving community is growing in a small Minnesota town, 6 miles south of the Canadian border. For the last four generations, Warroad, Minn. families working for Marvin Windows and Doors have created a tight-knit community of support.

Taking a closer look at the community of Warroad and the dedication given to each and every Marvin window, we’ve created the video series: Inside every Marvin window.

First of four videos: Inside every Marvin window: Unparalleled service.

Meet Lyle Kvarnlov. He’s worked for Marvin since 1986 and currently is the product services manager. He’d like to share his take on customer service.